Park 12 Explained

Park 12 Explained
Release Date: June 7, 2013 (online), June 14, 2013 (Parks)
Retail Price: $12.95

Update 06/16/13 A Blue Monorail Variant has surfaced. This photo was posted by Doug Robertson on Vinylmation Exchange.

Update 05/03/13 Disney released turnaround photos of 11 of the figures. We can now assume the chaser is Darla from Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage since we saw 12 figures previewed at Disneyland a few months back and that was the one not previewed online.

Also, we now have a look at the Park 12 combo topper:

It is a Director Mickey. Not as cool as the Disney Studio Store version, but does have a megaphone. What do you think this represents? Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Buena Vista Street? Something else entirely?

Update 03/15/13 We received our first look at Park 12 from a preview at Disneyland’s Trade Night. Thank you to Trade Street USA for the original photos and info. There were 12 figures previewed, so one of the below may be the chaser or combo topper. Disneyland fans should be happy… except for the DCA themed Park 11, there may be more DLR themed figures in this set than any other. 5 that are specific to the west coast resort and 2 shared.

Dynamite Goat
Big Thunder Mountain, Disneyland
Artist: Sarah Hall

A fan favorite and one of the Imagineer’s all-time classic gags. A wonderful and rendition and sure to be a popular figure. (We still need a Park Starz version)

photo from

(Mystery Chaser?)
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, Disneyland
Artist: Ron Cohee

Darla is found swimming in the water holding a plastic bag with a doomed fish in it.

photo from orbit tumblr blog

Animal Kingdom
Artist: Billy Davis

This is a wonderful depiction of a great dark ride. The Carnotaurus roars in the head while the CTX Time Rover drives through on the body. Great detail. BTW, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Dr. Seeker vinyl someday.

photo from Disney

Disneyland Monorail
Disneyland Resort
Artist: Dan Howard

It’s about time right? We have 5 WDW Monorails. I think the monorails look very sleek on the newer Mickey platform.

Festival of the Lion King, Animal Kingdom
Artist: Maria Clapsis

Widely regarded as one of the finest shows at WDW. It certainly is a beautiful show, and the trampoline bouncing performers in monkey costumes really steal the show. I like the decision to do a “monkey face” as opposed to human.

Goofy’s Gas
Toontown, Disneyland
Artist: Ron Cohee

A funny gag where fish swim in the tank of the retro gas pumps.

Mariachi Cobre
Mexico Pavilion, Epcot World Showcase
Artist: John Henselmeier

More than this figure alone, it’s the addition of John Henselmeier to the Vinylmation team that has me excited for what is to come. This is a great figure, but knowing John’s love of Epcot, I can’t wait to see what is on the horizon (pun intended).

photo from tucson sentinel

Pooh’s Hunny Hunt
Artist: Billy Davis

The body is the ride vehicle with a Heffalump from the attraction in the head.

Spitting Camel
Aladdin’s Magic Carpets, Magic Kingdom
Artist: Thomas Scott

The camels spit water at guests walking by and riding the Magic Carpets in Adventureland.

photo from

Splash Mountain, WDW/DLR
Artist: Casey Jones

Finally! A Splash figure. The Vutures are the last warning before you ascend the last part of the mountain. This figure represents them well, but to nitpick, I’d love an extension neck.

photo from

Winter Sumerland Mini Golf, Walt Disney World
Artist: Thomas Scott

Two 18 hole mini golf courses where you can choose the winter or summer path. Santa on a summer vacation is a focal point of the theme.

Teddi Barra
Country Bear Jamboree, Walt Disney World
Artist: Maria Clapsis

Teddi Barra descends from the ceiling on a giant swing to serenade the crowd.

photo from

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