Muppets 3 Explained

Muppets 3
July 26th 2013
A 12 figure blind box series designed by Monty Maldovan.

Reporter Kermit

I think this is my favorite of the set. I also think this might be a copyright problem, but I don’t care! He HAS to come with an accessory microphone! Please!

Gonzo the Great

My second favorite of the set. The cape is almost, almost awesome enough to forgive the lack of Star Wars 2 chaser nose.


Similar to the 9″ figure from the 2nd series, I hope it comes with a drumstick!

Liberty Piggy

Kinda fun, if we hadn’t seen this type of figure before.

Captain Sam

I think this is from Muppets Treasure Island, but I’m definitely getting this one for my dad (although he already has the 9″ version).


He needs a mop accessory. I also think they could put some crazy hair in the ears a little to do something with them!


The maps in the ears with the brown borders is absolutely perfect. Love his look.

Uncle Deadly

He looks ugly, mean and tattered… just as he should.

Crazy Harry

Great figure! I kinda want a a stick of dynamite as an accessory!

Mahna Mahna

Looks great! Can’t wait to get this and two Snowths!

This HAS to be the triplet!

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