Medieval Product Photos Leaked

Vinylmation Kingdom, who posted box photos last week, has now posted photos of the actual Midieval Vinylmation Series. This series is rumored to be released at Disney Stores and online on September 16.

As interesting as molded accessory pieces such as this dragon’s spikes and tails are, they take us way too far away from Disney Vinylmation. Again, great artwork by the Disney Store artists, but just let them make the themed action figures they seem to want to make. The production quality is just never there with the Disney Store product either. I am all on board with Disney appealing to a wide range of audiences and I know that not ever series is for every fan. I am a big proponent of just collecting what you like. But when the product is constantly brought in this direction, it really waters down the hobby’s trade market and the respectability of the Disney Vinylmation name.

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