How Many Traders Should I Bring to Reflections Trade Event?

As people are packing their bags, we have been getting this questions a lot, “How Many Traders Should I Bring to Reflections Trade Event?” Here is my take on it, please feel free to comment and help your fellow traders if you have a different POV.

When trading with Cast Members, I feel that you generally go through a line (for 3″ figures) at an average of about once every 30-45 minutes. So lets say from 10a-7p you get through the line 18 times. Each time you get up there, you can trade 2 figures. So at most, we are talking about around 36 total trades. That is on the very high side, but I would rather be over-prepared. Remember there are other things going on that will take your attention away from the trading lines including: trading with other guests, the artist meet and greet, future Vinylmation displays, the Vinylmation presentation and the all important food and bathroom breaks. I personally average about one line an hour. I’d also say that about 60% of the figures you trade for, you will then just turn around and re-trade the next time you get up there. So short answer long, I’d say between 20-30 traders will get you through the day depending on what you own and are willing to carry.

You should also bring Vinylmation to trade with other guests. A ton of trading goes on there. I especially like the Thursday night trade show at Coronado. The past few years, I got all my trading out of the way there and didn’t have to worry about trading inside the event. Also, a lot of trading gets done in line while you are waiting to get up to the trade box.

Remember the golden rule when packing and carrying your Vinylmation. Keep them individually bagged, even your Cast Member traders, so they do not bang into each other and get scratched and smudged. Also, have all accessories with the figures that you intend to trade. Those fishing tackle boxes with dividers work well at these events. Also, don’t be afraid to bring a backpack or rolling case to easily transport your stuff… plenty of people use them.

DV will have live coverage all weekend long on the website, Twitter (@VinylmationNews) and Instagram (DestinationVinylmation). We will also have live video and chat of the Vinylmation Talk at 1pm on Sunday.

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