Wild West Explained

Wild West
Release Date: April 20
Disney Stores
Artist Signing with Gerald Mendez and Enrique Pita at the Sun Coast Plaza Mall in Costa Meza, CA on April 20 from 10am-1pm.

Update 04/02/13 We added photos from Disney of the set.

Update 04/01/13 We added photos from Vinylmation Exchange of the remaining 6 figures off the side of the tray.

Update 03/29/13 Zoe sent in some up close photos of each figure. This is where the Disney Store shines!!! Back to doing a Disney Character-centric set. We never questioned the talent of the DS artists, just the choice of designs they produce. They have a command of the Mickey platform when drawing characters on the canvas. We just want them to be DISNEY! You may not purchase this particular set, but this is what the average VM collector wants to see from these artists. The colors are wonderful. The use of ears with the various western back drops are perfect. The biggest plus is that they changed them up. And the accessories? Among the best we have ever seen. Just take a look…


First of all, they used the Furry Friends/Whiskers Tales paws! This may be my favorite Pluto. I love he just took a bite out of the bad guy’s pants. The “V” star belt is a wonderful touch.


He is the sheriff. Disney Store makes the most amazing hats. The chewing on the wheat is a perfect touch. And I love that the artist used an old school Mickey.

Minnie Mouse

The bonnet is another great accessory by the Disney Store. She has the old school like, just like Mickey. Disney Store does the characters so well… some of the best mouse faces we have seen in Vinylmation.


Donald as an Indian is just spectacular. The expression the DS artists give to his face in all his figures are the perfect way to draw him. It is very hard to make the duck bill work, but they always do. The feather head dress! What can I say? I can not wait to have this one in hand. Then, in the ears, you can see the wild west landscape with cactus and teepees. 


As much as I’m not a Daisy fan, the design here is a lot of fun. She looks like a performer in a wild west saloon. The clothing and feather in ear are great. Love the star background as well. 


Great addition of a classic Disney cow into this western series.


Another one with Furry Friends paws. Great choice of the classic Disney horse into this set.


Crazy eyes.

Huey, Dewy and Louie

It’s about time we get Donald’s nephews into a set. Three 3″ figures here. Wonderfully themed as Indians to fit in with Donald.

Mystery Chaser

Zoe was walking through the South Coast Plaza Mall in California today and happened upon this poster:

Looks like the Wild West series may be a smaller open window series similar to Disney Tunes. But a close look at the fine print mentions “purchase of a tray”, so I am not sure at this time. The series seems to be set for a Disney Store release on April 20th with an artist signing with Gerald Mendez and Enrique Pita from 10a-1pm at the South Coast Plaza Mall. We do expect the nation wide release over the same weekend.

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