Collector’s Corner: Tony and Erica

Destination Vinylmation: How long have you been collecting?
Tony and Erica: Just This year…Started with Pixar1 and Robots 3. We did have a few from our last Disney trip. But wasn’t “collecting” then. We got hooked when we pulled the Pixar chaser with our 1st blox.

DV: How many do you have in your collection?
T&E: We currently have 195 and hope to be at 200 soon!

DV: Which is your favorite vinyl?
Erica: Jack and Sally from the 1st NBC set (first purchase) Tony: I like the darker Mickey’s Runaway Brain, Monster, and the BTM2 Mickey…

DV: Which of your Vinylmation is the most treasured?
Erica: Ariel custom by Panonboard Customs Tony: The new Black Cauldron Chaser from V4 (Personal connection to that movie)

DV: Which vinyl was the hardest to get?
T&E: The Little Mermaid pass holder exclusive. They wouldn’t sell it to me (didn’t understand why at the time)

DV: Who is your favorite Disney artist?
T&E: There are so many good ones. Enrique Pita has done some of our favorites
Favorite custom (if you have) and favorite custom artist? Its hard to choose.

DV: How about Custom Artists?
T&E: We LOVE our Panonboard custom (Great work). But Ryan Branoff, and Mike Ventrone have had AMAZING sets come out recently!

DV: Hardest display to create?
T&E: None were hard really. I make wood frame inserts that slide into ANY empty tray. I can make one using the measurements, paint, slide into the tray, DONE! I have shared how to do this with about 50 people by now via Facebook. Its so easy and quick. Its Fun!

DV: Figure you’re most looking for?
Erica: Si and Am Japan ETO Tony: Paint Drip Mickey and 3D Mickey

DV: Anything else you would like to add?
T&E: There are so many great people that we’ve met doing this, and so many great artists. We are excited to keep collecting and growing our collection. Our son loves them. And my sister is absolutely hooked. Its really brought us together.

DV: Thanks for your time and for sharing your impressive collection!

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