Collector’s Corner: Steven

This week we talk to our friend Steven. Here is his collection…

Destination Vinylmation: Great collection. How long have you been collecting?
Steven: I’ve been seriously collecting when Pixar series one came out, I had most of the toy story ones so I finished both of those sets at the same time.

DV: First vinyl ever?
S: My first vinyl ever was park 2 little green men I was on the DCL and had a gift card and didn’t know what to get so I decided to try the Vinylmation blind box and got the one I really wanted.

DV: Favorite Disney vinyl?
S: My favorite Disney vinyl is little green men as you can tell in the picture.

DV: Do you have any custom/favorite custom vinyl?
S: My only custom is a red vinyl with orange dusting done by a good friend on another Vinylmation page. Her name is Bex Luty, her work is so cool.

DV: Vinyl you would most like to have that you don’t yet?
S: I would love to have either Wall-E and Eve set or paint drip Mickey.

DV: And what unreleased vinyl are you most looking forward to?
S: I can’t wait for Monsters University set to come out! I’ve been waiting for it for a while now.

DV: Thanks for the time. Keep on collecting!

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