Collector’s Corner: Kimiko

How long have you been collecting? I’ve been collecting for 3 1/2 years, since October of 2009
How many vinyl do you have? According to Chasing Vinylmation, I have 878….. yikes!

What was your first vinylmation? Urban 2 Cosmos
What is your favorite Disney made Vinylmation? This is tough. I think my all time favorite is Park 5 flowers and fairies. I love the crystals!
Who is your favorite Disney artist? It’s a 3 way tie between Thomas Scott, Maria Clapsis, and Mike Sullivan.
What is your favorite custom vinyl? I love all the customs I have, but my favorite is the Starducks custom by Red Virtue Vinylmation Arts. I’m a huge Starbucks fiend, so this was perfect for me!

Nick has one of those. He’s a big drinker too. What is the vinyl you want but don’t have yet? Definitely the park 1 balloon chaser!
What you are looking forward to in 2013 from Vinylmation? I’m looking forward to more Disney themed vinyls. Really looking forward to the Beauty and the Beast set!

Thanks for sharing your collection with us Kimiko. I hope you can share it again in a year and we can see how much bigger it is!

Reminder: If you’d like to share your own collection with us, just email us and your collection can be featured too!

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