Celeste Offers New Custom Blind Box Spellbound Series

Destination Vinylmation: What is the Spellbound set?
Celeste: The Spellbound series is a magical based theme consisting of magic users and mystical creatures. It includes Genie, Merlin, Malecifent, Evil Queen, two versions of Tinker Bell, Blue Fairy, Chernabog, Mushu, Figment, Old Hag, Ursula and the Cheshire cat.

DV: How did you choose the characters to include in this set?
Celeste: It actually was a difficult and involving process to choose who will be included in the set. There are alot of great magical characters out there and I wished I could of made them all, but after weeks of figuring it all out I choose the ones I thought would best balance out the set.

DV: Half the figures in the set are female characters. Many times, when an artist attempts to translate the female form onto the Mickey platform, it comes across as “chubby”. Yours seem perfect. Can you share some tips for other custom artists? Is it all about proportion? Placement?
Celeste: Female characters are always tough to design on the mold itself. But you are correct, for me personally it is about proportion and placement of facial features and if the character has hair it does help out in the design of it all. I personally think they are always going to be slight chubby regardless of how you design them but a little pudginess adds a cute factor into it so I have no complaints about it lol.

DV: How will this series be sold?
Celeste: The Spellbound Series will go live this Friday Feb. 8th at 8pm (PST) It will be sold as individual blind boxes. The series includes 12 figures and 1 variant which will be a total of 13 figures. Each blind box is priced at $70 shipped in the U.S only. There will be a limit of 1 per person. You will be able to purchase them on my website here.

You can always check out more pics of them and other customs on my Facebook page.

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