Beauty and the Beast Explained

Beauty and the Beast
Release Date: June 21
This 12 figure, mystery set was designed by both Maria Clapsis and Caley Hicks and may be my favorite movie themed Vinylmation set ever.

Updated: 5/16/13 Variants and Chaser announced.


Wonderful design. Love the facial expression. Perfect cape!


Maria went with the blue dress, and I love the choice. Leaves room for a few variants or special edition Belles. The use of ears is fantastic in the entire series with the stained glass… Belle also has a book and a rose.

Blonde Triplet Paula

We speculated on how and if they would include these girls and this sets up an obvious variant. If the other two girls are not included, a major disappointment. If they are… one of the biggest wins in Vinylmation history.

We also get variants. As expected her other triplets.


Perfect fit on the Mickey platform. Wonderful face.


I’ll be honest, I love the Villains version more, but he is done well with the arrows on the back and fun ears.


I didn’t expect him, yet am glad he is in the set. might be the one of the best looking long animals on the Mickey platform. Perfect proportions.


His build naturally fits onto the vinyl form, but it is the clothing that is tailored perfectly around the canvas and the pony tail hanging over the collar in the back that make this one great.


Can’t get any better than this. the accessory top was a must to make this figure perfect  I commend the artists for knowing when to use items like that.


Belle’s dad also gets gets a cape and again, it’s the faces that are done so well in this set.

Monsieur D’arque

Interesting add to this set. Really makes me wonder about the chaser even more now. I love the addition and the design is wonderful. Not many people would think of him for this set, so I applaud the artist. Coins in ear a must.

Mrs. Potts

WOW! This one blows me away. So much to see here. A clear pink body sets up the table and some dancing plates, spoons and forks. Then Mrs. Potts fills out the head with perfection and a handle drawn onto the rear. THEN, CHIP! Drawn onto the ear. Best figure in the set, hands down.

Mystery Chaser

Here is Adam, the Beast as a human. What do you think? My female friends (when I was in middle school) always said he was hotter as the beast.

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