Animation 3 Series Photoshoot

The characters of the Animation 3 series have been bugging us for months to go to Walt Disney World… who are we to say no? So we gathered them up and took them around the parks for the day.

I think someone got confused about what’s a rose and what isn’t.

Toby, are you sure this is baker street?

Looks like my house is standing. Not like it’ll last long.

In a mine! In a mine! In a mine! In a mine! Where a million diamonds shine!

I need to consult my resources, but i believe that’s a monorail?

I think someone’s watching me.

…with three happy chappys with snappy serapies.

Nw you see me now you…. heeeey.

Why are dalmations fire dogs? Because 101 dogs can put out a fire really fast.

Robin Hood and Little John are running through the forest. Wait, where’s Little John? Disney Design Group, we need your help.

“Meega nala queesta.” Roughly translated “I want to destroy.”

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