Animation 3 Clown Dumbo and Timothy 9/Jr. LE Combo

This one, like a stork delivering a baby, seemed to come out of nowhere. And there are some interesting release details here. This is a 9″ Clown Dumbo and Jr. Timothy combo for the Animation 3 series designed by Monty Maldovan. Here is the fun part… its a limited edition of only 250 pieces! AND, costs a whopping $99.95!

 If I’m being honest, I don’t know if this needs a 9″ platform. There is a lot of grey empty space and something aesthetically to me just doesn’t look quite right.

The junior Timothy makes sense size wise to pair with a 9″ Dumbo and he is designed really well.

This seems to be one of those rare times that Disney is pairing up a price with an edition size. We know that the Mickey Circus Lion and Seal last year were LE 100 with an inflated $150 price tag to reflect the rarity of them. Now, Disney does it again by charging a considerable amount more for a low LE. Now, we know they don’t always do this, as some LE 500 figures didn’t see a price increase. And we also know that even figures with an inflated edition size can get a very high price tag. Let’s look at a recent comparable, Jabba and Salacious 9/Jr. It is LE 1000 with a $60 price tag. That was the same price as the Villains 9/Jr combos a few years back, so that has stayed, while still high in my opinion, consistent. But then you have Han Solo in Carbonite as an LE 2000 and costs $35! That’s $10 above most double 3 inch combos.

I have stopped trying to understand Disney merchandise a long time ago. I never knew that all this asking Disney to give us lower edition sizes would increase the price tags! They just don’t get it. At $100, I think this will sit on the shelves for quite some time. At $60 with an LE 250, it would sell out. What do you think?

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