A Look at Funko Disney Pop! Series 5

We can expect the 5th installment of Funko’s line of Disney Pop! vinyl figures in early 2013. The lineup was revealed late last year as follows:

  1. Rocketeer
  2. Baloo
  3. King Louie
  4. Carl
  5. Russell
  6. Jafar
  7. Genie
  8. Princess Jasmine
  9. Alice
  10. Dumbo
  11. Merida
  12. Mary Popins
  13. Mike from Monsters U
  14. Sulley from Monsters U
Vinylmation World has uncovered some photos from a website Gemini Collectibles who actually sells prototypes of the figures for about $125 each. So these are the unfinished prototypes of most of the figures in series 5.

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