13 – Reflections of Evil Explained

13: Reflections of Evil Trading Event

Where: Walt Disney World, EPCOT World Showplace
When: September 13-15, 2013 (Vinylmation day is 9/15/12 from 9:30a-7p)
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Schedule of Events

Merchandise Catalog
Itinerary (tba)
Silent auction catalog (tba)
Registration:Separate admission is required for each day of the event. Friday will have Vinylmation and Pins. Saturday is the Pin day. Sunday is the Vinylmation day. Event admission does not include EPCOT admission which is required.
Click here for PIN REGISTRATION.
What: A ticketed trading event for pins and Vinylmation. The year’s largest pin and Vinylmation event. The Vinylmation day will include trading
games, a guest trading area, even specific vinyls for purchase, and
event vinyl as a gift, artist signings, upcoming figures on display and a
presentation announcing upcoming Vinylmation. This year’s theme is Disney Villains. The Story Goes:

“In a far away land there lived a wicked and vain Queen who wanted more power. While pouring over ancient spell books, she discovered an incantation that, when performed on the darkest of days – Friday the 13th – could bring together thirteen of the most evil Disney villains known only as “The 13.” To cast this spell, the Queen must use a powerful, supernatural object – a magic mirror – to transport “The 13” from across time to the present day. As luck would have it, Friday the 13th will take place in September this year! The Queen decided this would be the perfect day to cast the spell.

Let’s fast forward to September. As the newly assembled Villains are hashing out their nefarious plans, the Villains intentionally break the mirror and hide the thirteen shards. Now the mirror can never be used against them, as it is the only object that can send them home. Lucky for us, an imaginative purple dragon named Figment overheard their plotting and asks Mickey Mouse for help. Along with five of their trusted friends known as the “Lucky 7,” Mickey Mouse and Figment devise a plan to stop “The 13.” They must reassemble the broken shards to send the villains back to their rightful places in time.”

Vinylmation Event
Sunday, May 15, 2013
Cost: $65


  • Opportunity to purchase select themed merchandise designed for the event (Catalog items #21 – 55 only)
  • Vinylmation Trading Activities and Games
  • Silent Auction featuring a variety Vinylmation items
  • Opportunity to trade for specially designed Vinylmation produced for 13 Reflections of Evil Vinylmation Showcase
  • Random Selection Process (RSP) for Custom Vinylmation
  • Meet Disney Vinylmation Merchandiser
  • Artists Signings with Disney Design Group Artist
  • One (1) $15 Gift Card
  • Limited Edition Commemorative Gift
Villainous Vinylmation Breakfast Package
Epcot – World ShowPlace
Sunday, September 15, 2013
8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Breakfast admission is $45 per Guest and includes the following:
  • Exclusive breakfast buffet with beverages
  • Exclusive trading time inside 13-Reflections of Evil venue from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
  • Exclusive 13- Reflections of Evil breakfast Vinylmation
In order to register for the Villainous Vinylmation Breakfast, Guests must also be registered for the Vinylmation Showcase. The Villainous Vinylmation Breakfast is not available to Guests who only register for the Pin Trading Showcase.

This year, there is also a Vinylmation/Pin day on Friday, May 13. Event services says this will be a special event date that is separate admission this year to allow both Pin and Vinylmation collectors to enjoy the festivities. It will also feature special Vinylmation only available this day.Club 13 – Event Package
Epcot – World ShowPlace
Friday, September 13,2013
9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Event admission for this limited package is $113 per Guest and includes the following:

  • Opportunity to pre-purchase themed merchandise designed for the event via Random Selection Process (RSP) – (All items in the catalog)*
  • Bewitched Bagged Lunch (stay tuned for menu items, which are still being brewed
  • Villains Meet and Scare
  • Trading activities and games
  • Triskaideka Phobia Silent Auction
  • First opportunity to trade for specially designed Disney pins and Vinylmation produced for 13 – Reflections of Evil
  • Meet Disney Merchandisers
  • Artists Signings with Disney Design Group Artists
  • Limited Edition Commemorative Gifts


I love the inclusion of the Beagle Brothers. They don’t get on much merchandise. I’m a little surprise they do not have hats. I’m also a stickler when ears are not used well. But they are designed beautifully and are a must have.


Great idea for a combo set. Wonderful artwork on Dr. Facilier and I would expect no less from Ron Cohee. The hat looks great and I love the splash of color on the ears. The juniors are a nice companions, fit in with the story and are expertly designed on the 1.5 inch canvas.


This is also a great idea for a combo. You get Mim in her normal form and in one of her transformations. Great artwork.


This is the least impressive piece of the Reflections event bunch. The face and horns look good, but I just don’t think Maleficent was the right choice for the Minnie platform. i do like how the bow gives the artist the chance to draw that straight line across, but it is an awful lot of yellow up there. For some reason the Minnie body comes across as a dress and not a robe and just looks odd.


An absolutely wonderful variant follow up to Sully’s original Popcorns figure. I wish this one was the original design released.


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