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Guide to Walt Disney World’s 40th Anniversary

9/29/11-10/2/11: WDWCelebrations’ Project XL: The World at 40

If you are going to be at Walt Disney World for any of these dates, then you need to be a part of this event. This non-profit group has provided memorable events for Epcot’s 25th, Animal Kingdom’s 10th, and Hollywood Studios’ 20th anniversary, and this event promises to be no different. WDWCelebrations works with Disney to provide am memorable experience including group rides, meals, scavenger hunts, history walks, and of course, anything Disney may be officially doing to celebrate the occasion. The most up to date information on this event can be found at

9/30/11: Haunted Mansion “Room for 1 More” Merchandise Event

Being held 9:00am – 9:00pm at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Materialize, Foolish Mortals for an underworld party of the Haunted Mansion at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, where the disembodied are dying to take you on a Fright of Fantasy.  Our Ghost Host will ensure that the residents of the Mansion are in high spirits and ready to greet you as they come out to socialize and immortalize during the evening. More information can be found at this link.

10/1/11: Official Magic Kingdom 40th Anniversary Festivities

In addition to the merchandise release and signing events throughout the day, there will be a few other events happening to mark the actual 40th anniversary.

-A character-filled ceremony will be presented on the Castle Forecourt Stage at 10AM.

-The 9PM performance of Wishes! fireworks will have a special celebration tag at the end of the show, only for October 1st.

-Also, special anniversary cupcakes will be available at the Main Street Bakery.

-All 40th anniversary merchandise will be spread between Mickey’s Gift Station, Island Supply, the Newsstand, Sir Mickey’s, Uptown Jewelers, and the Diamond Horseshoe.

10/1/11: Retro Day WDW

Retro Day WDW is a chance to gather at the Vacation Kingdom of the world in style – 1971 style to be exact. In honor of Walt Disney World’s 40th Anniversary, we’re asking all those attending to look as if you’re starring in a 1971 Promotional Photo/Video for the Resort. If you don’t have any 1970′s-style clothing hanging around from your visit 40 years ago, that’s fine! We’re also happy to see folks dressed up nicely, as if you’ve just walked out of some old Walt Disney World concept art. If you’re not exactly sure what to wear, you can check out our “Style Guides” on our Facebook Event Page:

While this event does not have a set itinerary during the day, we will be gathering for random group rides and photos throughout the day. The best way to keep up with what we’re doing is by following us on Twitter (!/RetroDayWDW) or checking out our Facebook Event Page. Currently, the only scheduled meet is at 5:30PM on October 1st. We will be grabbing a Dole Whip from Aloha Isle (near the entrance to Adventureland), and then gathering at the Sunshine Tree Terrace. While at the Sunshine Tree Terrace, we will hand out Retro Day WDW buttons and take some group photos. After our delicious ice cream, we will be viewing Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room followed by a trip aboard the Jungle Navigation Co. at the Jungle Cruise. In addition, we will also be attending any other “surprises” earlier in the day that Disney may have planned for the 40th, so keep an eye out for people dressed in 70′s style!

10/1/11: Brent Reese & Costa Alavezos Kooky Pen Signing at the Diamond Horseshoe, 9-11AM

10/1/11: Jim Shore Disney Traditions Signing at Uptown Jewelers, 11AM-2PM

10/1/11: Noah Artwork & Custom Vinylmation Release and Signing at the Diamond Horseshoe, 11:30AM-1:30PM & 4-5PM

10/1/11: Greg McCullough 40th Anniversary Artwork Signing at the Diamond Horseshoe, 11:30AM-1:30PM & 4-5PM

10/1/11: Robert Olszewski MK Toll Plaza and Haunted Mansion Release and Signing at Uptown Jewelers, 12-2PM & 4-5PM

10/1/11: Kevin Kidney, Jody Daily Merchandise Release and Signing at the Diamond Horseshoe, 1-3PM & 4-5PM

While most of the merchandise created for this event has been released at Art of Disney locations around WDW, Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily will be on hand for an artist signing on October 1st. Most information can be found at this link.

10/1/11: Dave Avanzino Mixed Media Sculpture Signing at the Diamond Horseshoe, 1-3PM & 4-5PM

10/1/11: Gene Gonda Artisan Watch Release and Signing at Uptown Jewelers, 1-3PM

10/1/11: 40th Anniversary Pin Release

A 25 piece collection of Disney Pins is being released on October 1st at the Magic Kingdom. For a full list, please consult this link.