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WDWNT Cast Members (Alphabetical Order)

John Corigliano- WDW News Today Videographer

Tom Corless- Chief Executive Officer & Founder of the WDWNT Network, Lead Reporter; WDW News Today Podcast Host, Editor, Producer

Jason Diffendal- WDWNT Network Chief Operating Officer, WDWNT Podcast Staff

Patty Granger- WDWNT Network Graphic Design

Justin Heyman- WDWNT Network Chief Technical Officer, WDWNT Podcast Staff

Joe Hogarty- WDW News Today Reporter

Zach Larson- WDW News Today Reporter, WDWNT Podcast Staff

Taylor Martina- WDW News Today Podcast Staff

Adam Roth- WDW News Today Reporter

David Smith- WDWNT Podcast Staff, WDWNT: The Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Marci Smith- WDWNT Podcast Staff

Scott Smith- WDWNT Podcast Staff

Dirk Wallen- WDW News Today Reporter

Anthony Yacullo- WDWNT Podcast Staff

Positions Available!!!

We are currently looking for individuals willing and able to fill one of the following voluntary positions:

Photographer- Taking pictures on a regular basis at the Walt Disney World Resort

Videographer- Video recording attractions, entertainment, and special events at the Walt Disney World Resort

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