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Be Our Guest Restaurant Testing “Order Ahead” Service This Week

Posted on December 13, 2012

With FastPass+ testing going on this week, Disney is also using this time to test “order ahead” dining at Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland. Disney has released plenty of information internally on the new test, you may want to take a read:

As part of our efforts to continuously improve the Guest experience, we’re testing a new offering at Be Our Guest Restaurant.

Be Our Guest Restaurant offers fast casual service for lunch including an innovative table delivery service.

There are no counters at the restaurant. Guests instead order from a kiosk and receive a magic rose. Their meal is delivered directly to their table.
Arrival window selection: In December, selected Guests (Club Level Concierge Guests at select resorts) will have the opportunity to select an “arrival window” for their lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant prior to arriving at the restaurant. This will happen via a website, similar to the FastPass+ testing that has taken place this year.

Order Ahead: As part of the test, the selected Guests will also have the opportunity to view the menu online and order their meals ahead of time in addition to selecting an arrival window.

All Guests visiting Magic Kingdom Park will continue to have the ability to walk up and order from a kiosk, and then have their meal delivered to their table.
This is an invitation-only test. Participants in the test will be selected prior to arriving at Magic Kingdom Park.

The offer for select Guests to participate in the test will be made during the check-in process. They will then be given the Be Our Guest Restaurant test website to make their selections for same-day bookings.

Guests may select an arrival window and then order items from the menu once they arrive at Be Our Guest Restaurant.

Once a participating Guest selects an arrival window, the Guest can view the menu online and choose to order their meal ahead of time as well. If a Guest does not order ahead, the Guest can place an order at a kiosk upon arrival at Be Our Guest Restaurant.

If a Guest chooses not to select an arrival window, they then have the option of ordering their meal ahead of time and arriving to Be Our Guest Restaurant between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Guests will then experience an expedited payment process upon arrival.

Whether a Guest orders ahead or places an order at a kiosk upon arrival, they will receive a magic rose which enables their meal be delivered directly to the table, just like all Guests at Be Our Guest Restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why can’t I participate in the test of the arrival window selection and ordering ahead process?
The test of this new service has been limited to pre-selected Guests for the time being. Any Guest can dine at Be Our Guest Restaurant for lunch by ordering at a kiosk. As the arrival window selection and pre-ordering processes evolve, they will be available to all Walt Disney World Guests on a first come, first served basis.

2. Where can I get a FASTPASS for Be Our Guest Restaurant?
Disney FASTPASS is not currently available at Be Our Guest Restaurant. Pre-selected Guests are able to choose an arrival window and select items from the menu prior to arriving at Magic Kingdom Park as part of a test of a new lunch service at Be Our Guest Restaurant.

3. What if I am not interested in selecting my meal ahead of time?
You may select an arrival window only and order once you arrive at Be Our Guest.

4. Am I able to select my meal but not my arrival window?
Yes, you are able to select a meal ahead of time without also selecting an arrival window. However, you must arrive to Be Our Guest between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to ensure you are able to enjoy your meal. Additionally, if you didn’t select an arrival window in advance you must wait in the standby queue, but you will have an expedited payment process.

5. How many days can I select an arrival window?
You are able to select one arrival window during your stay at the Walt Disney World® Resort.

6. Can I select an arrival window with another party?
Yes, as long as that time is offered to both parties.

7. What are the arrival window options that I can choose from?
Arrival windows are offered from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and are subject to availability. You will have the option to choose an early, mid or late lunch arrival window. Each arrival window is 15 minutes long.

8. Why can’t I pick the exact time I want?
Arrival windows are limited and subject to availability. You will have the option to choose an early, mid or late lunch arrival window.

9. Are we able to select an arrival window for dinner?
Arrival windows are being tested for fast casual dining experiences at this location and are not available for table service experiences. Table service dining, including dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant, will continue to offer reservations. To book a reservation, please call 407-WDW-DINE or visit the website at http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/reservations/dining/ or visit the Be Our Guest Restaurant podium.

10. What is a FastPass+ selection?
Because this is a test, we are also testing language options for the options Guest choose. This may or may not end up in our theme parks and resorts.

11. Is there a cost to participate in this test?
Valid park admission is required to enter Magic Kingdom® Park, however, there is no additional cost to participate other than the price of your meal.

12. Are other restaurants participating in this test?
At this time we are only offering this test at Be Our Guest Restaurant.

13. Where do I check in once I arrive to Be Our Guest?
If you participate in this test you should proceed to the Cast Member at the front of the bridge prior to entering Be Our Guest. If you selected an arrival window in advance, your arrival window will be listed under the name you used to register online.

14. I will need to make a special dietary request. Can I still participate in the test and pre-select my meal?
If you have a lifestyle dietary request, such as a vegetarian option, you are encouraged to pre-select your meal. However, if you need to make a dietary request due to allergies you may select an arrival window in advance but should order at the restaurant. Upon arrival, you should request to speak to a chef or a manager on duty and they will be happy to assist.

15. What if I want to change my order after I have selected?
At any time prior to the start of your arrival window, you are able to view your order and arrival window on the website, based upon availability. Upon arrival, you may still change your order at one of our self-service Kiosks or with a Cast Member. Guests who have pre-selected their meal and arrival time will be guided to utilize a kiosk or make changes with a Cast Member upon arriving.

16. Can I choose where I sit ahead of time?
Tables are based on availability; all three of our dining rooms are open during lunch.

17. No arrival windows are being offered to me online, can I still participate?
Yes, even though arrival windows may no longer be available for the test, you may still pre-order your meal and arrive at Be Our Guest between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

18. If I am a Disney Resort hotel Guest, can I pay with my Key to the World Card?
For Guests who select an arrival window and pre-select their meal, once you arrive we accept Disney Resort Key to the World Cards, Disney Dining Plans, Credit Cards, and Disney Gift Cards for payment upon arrival. Guests paying with Cash or vouchers will be directed to pay at a cashier at the restaurant.

19. I want to pre-select my meal and choose my arrival window, but I’m paying with cash, is this possible?
If you choose to pay with cash you may only select either your arrival window, or pre-order your meal in advance.

20. I purchased a package that includes a Disney dining plan; can I use my dining plan entitlements for my meal?
Guests who purchased packages that include a Disney dining plan will be asked to use 1 meal entitlement for their lunch.

21. What happens if I’m not able to make my arrival window?
If you are not able to make your arrival window, please cancel your reservation on the website at https://www.BeOurGuestLunch.disney.go.com

22. If I need to cancel my arrival window is there a fee?
No, Guests who need to cancel their arrival window will not charged a cancellation fee.

23. How do you know where I am sitting to deliver my meal?
There are no counters at the restaurant. Guests will instead order from a kiosk and receive a magic rose. Their meal will be delivered directly to their table. We use wireless radio frequency (RF) technology, which is commonly used in everyday items like smart phones, video game controllers and credit cards.

24. Who can I contact if I have a question?
You can contact a Concierge Cast Member at your Resort with any questions prior to arrival.

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FastPass+ Ride Reservation System Gets Cleaned Up For a Third Test Run

Posted on December 13, 2012

Walt Disney World cast members are currently testing FastPass+ at the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios through Saturday. I got to play around with the registration system a bit earlier today and I have to say it is looking a lot better than it was during the last testing period. Here’s what we have learned about the process:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Once you log-in, each guest can choose a character avatar (only 8 available now) and mark if they are celebrating anything

The current test allows one day at Magic Kingdom and one day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

You pick the day you want to visit that park…

The current test allows you to pick one experience from the first category and 2 experiences from the second

You will then get 4 options with different times for each experience

You can always make changes based on availability

You can change times or experiences, you can even change it for individual guests in your party

All other available times are listed if you want to change times

The main menu has a variety of options

We will be out in the field testing FastPass+ this weekend, so stay tuned for complete coverage!

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PhotoPass Introduces “Disney Attractions+” for On-Ride Photos

Posted on December 12, 2012

A lot has been changing in the world of Disney PhotoPass recently (including the new logo seen above), but the biggest change has to be the new offering of Disney Attractions+. Here is an official description of the new service directly from Disney:

One price… multiple thrills… take home all the memories! NEW! Disney Attractions+ now available at Walt Disney World® and Disneyland® Resorts.
With Attractions+ you can take home all your Attraction images, taken within a 14 day visit to the parks, for $44.95.
How does it work?

1. RIDE: Ride one of the participating Attractions2.

2. ASSOCIATE: Present your Attractions+ card at the Attraction Imaging Sales Center within 24 hours of riding to associate your photo

3. CLAIM: Visit DisneyPhotoPass.com and enter the ID on the back of the card.

4. DOWNLOAD: Go to “My Downloads” to access your Attractions+ photo downloads.

Disney Attractions+ is available for purchase at any of the participating Attractions.
Walt Disney World Participating Attractions: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, Expedition Everest, Dinosaur, Test Track

I personally don’t use PhotoPass often, but I think this is a really great deal for those who love on-ride photos. What do you think?

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VIDEO: The Giggle Gang Brings Big-Top Laughs to Storybook Circus in New Fantasyland

Posted on December 12, 2012

When The Giggle Gang was announced by Disney a few days ago, many guests were worried that scary clowns would be invading Storybook Circus in New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. After having seen a show from the new group, I can safely say that scary clowns are hardly what guests are seeing in the park. The show is actually pretty cute; that being said, it probably could still use a little work. As with most comedy shows, some things work and some don’t, and I’m sure they will figure it out as they go along. The following video is from a very early preview performance of the Giggle Gang, so please keep in mind that they had only completed 2 actual shows prior to this performance. Enjoy:

So, what do you think of the Giggle Gang in Storybook Circus?

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Adam Roth’s 12/10/12 WDW Photo Report

Posted on December 11, 2012

WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth visited the Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney yesterday and took plenty of newsworthy photos, so let’s take a look at what’s new:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

It appears some of the elements for the Adventureland interactive game have been installed

This icon should help guests locate the game area

Not sure what this will do

A different icon near this cannon

You can see the cannon aiming at something behind this tarp

Another game area

Looks like there is a skeleton under the water where the Junior Jungle Boats used to be

Another game area being set-up

The Crow’s Nest is still behind walls

We expect this is where the game will begin for guests

Golden Oak Outpost is closed again…

The tower from Tangled visible from Frontierland

Kind of strange…

Work is speeding along on the restrooms on the former Skyway site, rumors still indicate we will see guest charging stations for electronics in this area as well

The tower was installed recently

The Royal Majesty Makers out and about in Fantasyland

Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train construction continues

The construction walls were updated with the Dwarfs now mimicking the areas they are in

This scene is near Enchanted Tales with Belle

The small Lumiere on the signage now swings his arms back and forth

Looks like another device built by Maurice

More new Mine Train walls

Some new concept art shows off the interactive queue

Looks like fun

The finale scene

Everyone has clocked in, meaning they are working hard on the new attraction

Another look at Mine Train

Some more walls came down revealing a small section of the bridge

A look from the other side

100 minutes for Mermaid… yeah, Fantasyland is a total failure ;)

All of the screen-based wait times signs in the park were themed recently, all of them now match the physical signage now

The back side of Mine Train

Triton’s Treasures is being built and is coming along quickly

Wait for Ariel’s Grotto

Some cool walls you can look through were put up as well

Let’s take a look inside

A lot of work still to be done

This wall is near Winnie-The-Pooh

Near the Mad Tea Party

Another look through the walls

Moving to Downtown Disney, the volcano at Rainforest Cafe is coming along nicely

Splitsville opens December 19th

Curl is also moving to some small space next door to Splitsville

Looks like there is space for another store as well

There’s an outside bar as well

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VIDEO: A Comprehensive Guide to Test Track Presented By Chevrolet

Posted on December 10, 2012

Test Track presented by Chevrolet is now officially open at Epcot and if you haven’t had a chance to check out this great new offering, well, we have you covered. First up, we take an in-depth look at the car and truck design process:

Then we have video of the on-ride portion where you take your car for a ride on the Sim Track:

One of the post show features that was added a few days later was the Driving Tables, where you take you car you designed and race it against other guests:

To top it all off, we have a comprehensive video that includes all the video from above, but also the facade, queue, loading area, and more post-show elements. Enjoy this comprehensive look at Test Track presented by Chevrolet:

So, what do you think of the new Test Track?

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VIDEO: An In-Depth Look at the Test Track Car Design Process

Posted on December 5, 2012

With Test Track presented by Chevrolet officially opening tomorrow, we decided it might be a good idea to prepare you for thr rigors of designing your own custom car for ther Sim-Track. The following video will take you through the design process for both a car and a truck and will show you how each decision you make can affect your final score. Enjoy:

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Photos from Test Track Cast Member Previews!

Posted on December 3, 2012

WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth got to experience the new Test Track presented by Chevrolet during a cast men her preview recently and he has photos of the new attraction to share with is, so let’s see what’s inside!:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

 The new entrance

 The new trashcans have the World of Motion logo on them

The Chevy ENV in the first queue room

The four categories of the tests are displayed as well, we assume cars from each category will go on display below these

It is the Chevrolet Design Studio at Epcot

More queue displays

 As kids talk, the car below is transformed into what they dream up through projection mapping

You are prepared for the design process ahead

Guests are then loaded into one of two design studios

Into the design studio

Car or truck?

You then draw the basic shape of the car which you can then have the computer optimize

You can then drag the lines to see if there is a better shape for your vehicle

You can make the car shorter or longer

Wider or thinner

Select an engine


Add a fun design

Select tires

There are some TRON pieces you can add to your vehicle

There are literally thousands of possibilities for your vehicle

As you design it, you can see how each decision made in the design process effects the final scoring in each category

Get ready to test your design!

There is a short queue after the Design Studio

More World of Motion logos!

You then scan your RFID card at the load platform

After you are done riding, you can find out your score


You can see where cars are out on the track

The next room allows you to create a commercial

It’s not working yet, but the driving tables are after that

If you don’t ride, you can still design a car and play around in the post-show

The showroom is after that

You can film all kinds of fun ads with the cars on display using your RFID card

Spaceship Earth!

New Test Track t-shirts available

Let’s take a look at the ride!

The hill climb

Large walls with projections now block views into the rest of the ride

The blocks are gone on the way down as we descend smoothly into the ride

Stay tuned for on-ride video and more coverage coming very soon!

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A Spoiler-Filled Review of the New Test Track Presented By Chevrolet

Posted on November 29, 2012

By Anonymous (It’s a Secret)

Wednesday night, I had the privilege of taking a sneak preview ride on the all new Test Track.  What I saw can easily be described in one word: breathtaking.  Before I go into further detail, I should warn you that this review will be very spoiler heavy, so if you want to be surprised, please read no more.  There is no shame in wanting to experience the attraction with no knowledge of it – in fact, it’s my preferred way to do it.  But if spoilers aren’t a concern to you, then welcome to the SimTrack!

Opening Dec. 6, 2012, Test Track by Chevrolet will feature an all-new ride experience, including an interactive pre-show area – completely retooled and re-imagined. The sleek new “Chevrolet Design Center” invites guests to create their own virtual custom-concept vehicle. Car design wannabes will get to shape their own virtual car, truck or crossover vehicle and learn how their design choices perform in changing terrain and extreme conditions against four attributes: capability, efficiency, responsiveness and power. Epcot is located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

The entrance plaza is sleek.  Plenty of blues and silvers set the tone for your experience, and the whole thing is very futuristic.  It’s amazing how much I thought I was back in the 80′s.  The Fastpass machines were covered, so I can’t report on those, but they are in the same location as the old machines.

That’s about the only thing left over in the entrance plaza.  Gone are the old warehouse doors at the entrance to the building, replaced by two large portals that extend from the building.  The door on the right is for the standby queue, which is long enough to handle a – get ready – eight hour long queue.  Overkill, perhaps…but it’s nice to know that they’re prepared.  I didn’t actually go into the standby queue, as I was directed into the door on the left, which is for both single riders and guests with Fastpass.  I should note at this point that Test Track is equipped with the hardware for Fastpass+.  This in itself is unsurprising, but the posts at the entrance are a different shape than the ones we’ve seen at Magic Kingdom attractions. They’re a sleek, futuristic design – very much in line with everything else in this attraction.

The entrance plaza also contains our first Easter egg of sorts – Test Track has a specific trash can design.  I know, I know, pretty minute detail…but it’s one worth pointing out, as it has the old World of Motion symbol prominently featured on it.  Nods to former attractions are always nice, and resurrecting an old pavilion symbol is even better. Keep your eyes open – you’ll see a lot of Motion symbols in this building.

The queue is full of shiny silver tones, making it look like a futuristic showroom floor.  There’s a Chevrolet concept vehicle on display, and from the looks of what I saw, there are plenty of exhibits and screens to occupy those waiting in the Standby queue.  At the end of all three queues are the design stations.

The single rider and Fastpass design stations are in one room, separated by a railing.  The much larger Standby room is on a slightly lower level, with the back wall made up of windows that look into the Fastpass/single rider queue.  The design process wasn’t working at the time of my preview, so I can’t comment on how it is, but I do know how it works – you get an RFID card on a rubber band that will store your design.  You’ll take this card with you along your journey, scanning it at different points along the way.  It’s worth noting that the RFID scanning point has the new “TT” logo on it rather than the Mickey head we’ve been seeing on things like the Be Our Guest ordering kiosks.

Chevrolet, Disney Inspire Design Innovation with Test Track

A sign directing us to the SimTrack ushers in the first truly recognizable location from the old ride – the load station.  It’s still four cars long, with rows 1-8.  The difference is that just before each set of air gates are six RFID scanners – one for each rider in the car.  You’ll scan your card before you ride, and see the results of your prototype vehicle as you experience the attraction.

The cars themselves are the same as before, it seems.  They’re all blue, and look exactly like the three “Tron cars” we saw being tested on the old ride.  The seat belts still have the traditional yellow strap, and once you’re all buckled up, the ride begins.  A computerized voice greets you, informing that the seat belt check is around the corner.  Once the check is complete, a different computerized voice – female this time – officially welcomes you to the SimTrack.

Chevrolet, Disney Inspire Design Innovation with Test Track

The old hill climb and rough road tests serve little purpose other than introducing you to the new track…and boy does it look spiffy.  It’s like the inside of a computer…the only way I can describe it is that it’s as if you’re entering The Grid.  The walls seem alive around you as you quickly ascend and descend the hill leading to the first test, Responsiveness.

The Responsiveness Test is designed to see how well your designs respond to inclement weather.  The first leg is in the old “no ABS” test area, and tests your vehicle’s response to rain.  A virtual rainstorm appears on your left as your car skids off the road in a very convincing effect.  As you move into the old “ABS reactivated” test, your SimCar will face an avalanche and a lightning bolt.  Rounding the corner, we come to the area where the old ABS replay screens were.  There’s still a screen there, but this time it shows the Responsiveness Test results for each of the six vehicles designed by everyone in your SimCar.  This is a neat feature, allowing you to keep track of your design throughout the show.  Next to the scoreboard is something really cool – a small model of a futuristic city with projections on it depicting motion – a very cool tribute to the old CenterCore in World of Motion.

The old environmental chambers now play host to the Efficiency Test.  I can’t go on too much about these, as it wasn’t working properly when I rode it.  The windows from the old ride have been replaced by one way mirrors.  I could see a giant screen behind the mirror, but it wasn’t working properly and all I saw was someone working on a Windows desktop.  I imagine that this will be a Pepper’s Ghost-sequel effect, but I honestly don’t know.  Another screen at the end of the old corrosive chamber shows your Efficiency scores as this test wraps up.

Test Track by Chevrolet will feature a sleek new look and experience when it opens Dec. 6, 2012. Guests will be able to virtually create their own custom-concept vehicles inside the “Chevrolet Design Center at Epcot” prior to buckling into their six-person “SimCar” ride. Each vehicle is scored on four performance attributes; this rendering shows a vehicle being measured for efficiency. Epcot is located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

The former Track Course A is home to the Capability Test, which is probably the most breathtaking of the four tests.  Blue lasers line the road and the landscape (laser trees!) as your car goes through some hairpin turns, down a dip, and into a tunnel, where you’re still almost hit by a semi (and yes, the semi is outlined in lasers too).  The whole test is one of the most fun parts of the ride, and it’s neat how the near accident in the tunnel is written off as a “crash avoiding system test.”  There’s a cool Easter egg in this test as well – a road sign directs you to three locations.  You pass it very quickly, so the only location I saw was “General Motorway,” but I’m sure the other two are just as chuckle-worthy.

As your SimCar enters the old Barrier Test area, you see a recap of the three tests you just experienced, as well as the six scores for each concept vehicle.  A computer voice tells you that only one test remains – the Power Test.  Four lit neon purple arches lead to a solid wall with the “TT” logo, and as you speed towards this wall, it splits open leading you to the exterior track.  This portion of the ride seems unchanged – you still go incredibly fast and it’s definitely the most thrilling part of the attraction.  The brakes are still jolting, however, so if this part of the ride gave you trouble on the old version, don’t hope for anything different.  The speedometer is still there and lit up, but it wasn’t showing speeds when I rode.  I assume this will be operational soon.  The reentry tunnel has another scoreboard in place of the old thermal imaging camera.  As you come to the bottom of the hill, you’re back at the load station, and will exit the vehicle on your left.

You’ll go down the same hallway to the old photo view stations. Gone are the old self-scan Photopass stations, replaced by a counter at the end of the room where you can purchase the photo.  You then exit into the postshow, of which I only saw one room.  There’s a huge screen (and I do mean huge) on the wall behind a railing.  The screen shows a map of the track layout, with dots representing SimCars currently on the ride.  The railing in front has about a dozen RFID scanning points.  If you scan your card at the railing, a popup window will show in front of you on the screen displaying your vehicle’s results on the SimTrack.  I was also told that this screen will show the best scoring cars of the day, similar to the leader boards at Toy Story Midway Mania.

My review: This attraction is spectacular.  It feels like it belongs in the EPCOT Center of old.  It’s probably the best example of one continuous story that holds strong through preshow, ride, and postshow.  The sleek color scheme throughout the building, the computerized graphics and narrations, the use of classic EPCOT elements like the Prototype font and the World of Motion symbol, and a really thrilling ride combine to make this a dang near perfect Future World pavilion.  This ride is sure to be a hit when it opens in a week, so be ready to get your FastPasses or wait in a queue with a standby time to rival Soarin’.  But I promise you’ll like it.  Love it, even.

See you out there on the Test Track!

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VIDEO: An In-Depth Look at Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland

Posted on November 28, 2012

Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom is now open daily for lunch & dinner, but if you haven’t had to chance to experience it for yourself just yet, you may want to check out this comprehensive tour we’ve put together:

After seeing the beautiful exterior and interior, what do you think of the latest Magic Kingdom dining establishment?

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