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Photo Tour of The Little Mermaid Wing at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Posted on September 11, 2012

WDWNT Reporter Dirk Wallen headed over to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort after hearing that the construction walls were down at The Little Mermaid wing, the final phase of the resort scheduled to open on September 15th. He took plenty of photos for us to enjoy:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Ursula with Flotsam and Jetsam

Ariel and Flounder

The conga line fish are everywhere

Guests being surveyed on their experience

King Triton

Many of Ariel’s belongings are scattered around

I love the lampposts

How many older guests will climb this to get a picture of them smoking it?

We are about the size of Sebastian at this wing

The plants will eventually grow in and block the supports at the bottom

Guests at Disney's Art of Animation Resort are invited to slumber in Ariel's colorful retreat at

A look inside the rooms

Guests at Disney's Art of Animation Resort are invited into Ariel's secret grotto   at

While the exterior is very similar to all of the other value resorts, I still think the rooms are much nicer than any at All-Star or Pop Century. What guests wouldn’t rather stay in a room based on a Disney animated film over a sport or a decade?

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  • Kevin Friend

    Can’t wait to visit in 2013!

  • Cora Busch

    Just can’t wait!!!Have reservations for December!!!!! Yaaaaaaaa

  • eJud2001

    Oh great! Now I gotta go back and do *another* video… :)

  • adam

    So excited! Going October 22nd. Family suites were too much $. Thank goodness they included standard rooms. Passed up free dining plan to stay at another resort to stay at Art of Animation!

  • Mark Hickson

    Where are the Standard Rooms?

  • Jennifer Fink Sorrentino

    They are similar in size to the other values, but the theming is so much better! I hope to one day be able to get a room there!

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  • Mark

    Is there a “Fridge” in the room ?

  • Sarah Estelle-Hintz

    I will be there Sept 21. Hope I am the first one in the room

  • Lisa Wisniewski

    Staying this Saturday, day one and cannot wait!

  • Debbie Costa

    I can’t wait to see this resort in person. I will be staying here in 4 days.

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  • CJD

    I love the Art of Animation Resort because the Imagineer’s make you feel so immersed into each movie with the surroundings of movie characters and music like you are part of the movie itself. Bravo Disney Imagineer’s by building this movie themed resort during the down turned economy.

    I strongly suggest everyone visit this resort even if you don’t stay here. The experience will be magical.

  • buzzy7

    Can’t wait to get there, I will be staying there on oct 8,9,10, after my wife and myself chech out of the cars suite. I just wanted to see how fantastics all the rooms are. We are going down to the Food and Wine at Epcot andwill need a place to crash after all that food.

  • Cora Busch

    Going in December can’t wait!!!!! grandaughter just loves Little Mermaid!!!!!!

  • Alice Liddell

    Having just returned from a stay in these rooms (we were in building 9), I have to say the rooms are a little disappointing. One nice part is that there is a ‘fridge hidden inside the dresser at the foot of the beds. One very negative part is that it is a long, Long, LONG walk from our building to the main building (where the food is, and also where you pick up the park transportation, and the location of the Big Blue Pool). My son is actually obsessed with CARS, we chose these rooms because a Cars suite was too much room for our family (too much money, too big). Every singe day of our six day stay we set out to go swim in the new Cozy Cone Pool, but we never made it. He always got to the Big Blue Pool and basically said “I’ve gone far enough” (He’s six). Also, because we had the dining plan, we got the refillable mugs, which we used maybe once during our entire stay — it’s not like you can just run down and fill them in the evening — it’s a solid ten minute walk to the main building — and our meals came with a beverage. And coming back from the parks late with a tired and/or sleeping child, only to walk the half mile back to our building was torture. It got to the point where the part of the day I looked forward to least was the long walk back to our room. They need to figure out something to do about this, either get trams to the main building, or maybe have the park transportation busses stop at a couple of different locations within the resort. We’re a fit family, and used to walking, but to add that half-mile or so of walking to a long day of walking through the parks was just too much.