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Tom Corless’ 7/25-26/12 WDW Photo Report

Posted on July 27, 2012

I don’t often get to contribute with a photo report, but I took a short two day trip to Walt Disney World stopping at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom so I took some photos. Let’s take a look at a rare Tom Corless photo report:

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Work continues on the separate entrance to Turtle Talk

One of the exhibits in the Turtle Talk pre-show is being fixed up

Some work happening between the Refreshment Port and the Canada pavilion in World Showcase

On to the Magic Kingdom, work continues on the former Skyway site, expected to soon be home to restrooms, a new pathway, and the Tangled meet and greet

The castle walls are coming along nicely

This section looks nearly complete

A beautiful lighting fixture has been installed in the passageway

If you were worried about being able to see the corner of the show building for Enchanted Tales with Belle, don’t be, they have covered it with rock-work

More castle wall work

The work to remove a planter in back of the Carousel is complete

The walls have expanded and scaffolding has gone up on the former Snow White’s Scary Adventures, soon to be Princess Fairytale Hall in late-2013

Despite 101-degree temperatures, construction workers are out and about

Work continues on the Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train

Be Our Guest Restaurant off in the distance

More Mine Train

Heading into Storybook Circus, you get plenty of notice that Dumbo FASTPASS is available near Philharmagic

With a little paint, the facade for Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid will be complete

The backstage entrance is pretty much done

Big Top Souvenirs

I decided to check out the Dumbo queue

Pictures don’t do it justice, it’s really nice inside

Pull the string and it sets off LED fireworks!

This lights up above the box

Your “ticket”

Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak was awesome!

I took these photos early on Wednesday, but on Tuesday afternoon there was at least 100 guests playing in here

Even the little merchandise cart is intricately themed

These work walls have been here since Storybook Circus opened

I don’t think it is anything of substance as it is simply on the back of the storage shed for the Barnstormer trains

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  • Rachel Akins Phillips

    We rode Dumbo during MSEP and no one was there! We got to ride twice in a row. The interactive cue looks awesome, but we didn’t go in since there was no wait to ride. Thanks for the great photo report.

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  • Amanda Johnston

    This looks fantastic! My favorite picture is of the workers on the mine train roller coaster. You can really tell how big it will be!

  • wesley69

    Always enjoyable to see these updates on the various projects in WDW, Tom.   Much appreciated and a special thanks for sharing the experience.  The progress since the beginning has been fantastic.  You look at what was planned on the original artwork and what we see being created before our eyes is truly amazing.  Once again, thanks for the update.  Can’t wait to get down there once the black out dates have passed.

  • Jessica

    Hello and thank you for all the great info and updates you have! I was wondering what your thoughts are on exactly what will be open by Thanksgiving in Fantasyland. We are hoping and praying that most everything will be open except the Mine Train and the Princess Meet and Greet, but when I called one representative said nothing big will open before 2013 :(

  • Tom Corless

    I would guess almost everything but those things opening in 2013 & 2014 will be open by Thanksgiving, but it is possible something may have issues and not open until December. At the very least, I think you will experience a couple of the new pieces, which ones exactly I have no idea. You should be in the clear as that qualifies as “Holiday 2012″.

  • Tom Corless

    I was just commenting last week how the aerial shots look just like the concept art, it is stunning that it does look just like it. Glad you enjoyed the update!

  • Jessica

    Thanks. I keep checking daily for info, and the differing info/opinions are maddening lol. This may be our only chance to go, and I keep thinking maybe we should push the trip back so we can be sure to get a chance to experience as much as we can, but we are lucky enough to be staying in AoA LM rooms, with free dining to boot and I highly doubt such a great deal will come along again. I guess we will just have to wait and see when the ADR open in August, that should at least let us know when Be Our Guest will be opening :)

  • David Lincicome

    Thanks, Tom, for all the photos. Good to see you mixing it up! I noticed a lot of space around the Carousel. Do you know of any plans for that space? Perhaps an opportunity for performers? 

  • wesley69

    Appreciate the pics, Tom.  The additions to the Magic Kingdom are coming along nicely.  The attention to detail is astounding and surpasses Universal far and away. Look forward to checking them out in person within a short period of time.

    Too bad, the Disney Suits have not tried to get Russia and Brazil into Epcot.  At least two new countries would be nice.  Plus, we need a new Horizons 2150.  Horizons is the message of Epcot.

  • LeRoy

    Great report keep updates coming.  I’m retired now and check the Disney News almost every day. I’ve had the great luck of visiting DisneyWorld about 8 times since 1981.  Looking forward to visiting fall of 2013.  Everything should be up an running by then.Great Photo shots.