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Zach Larson’s 5/7/12 WDW Photo Report

Posted on May 9, 2012

WDWNT Reporter Zach Larson visited the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Monday and has a ton of newsworthy photos to share with us, so let’s take a look:

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Construction has gone vertical on the Disney Vacation Club wing of the Grand Floridian

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom

There are two of these posters in the tunnel now… not only is it not an attraction… but it has more posters than any others…

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom sign near Town Square Theater

Work continues on the Confectionary and Chapeau facades

Work still going on near the Main Street bridge

This new railing was installed during the work

Didn’t your parents ever teach you not to touch trash-cans?

Still not a whole lot of theme to this walkway between Tomorrowland and Storybook Circus

Work on the water tower at Fantasyland Station is complete

A look from the Barnstormer reveals that the second Dumbo spinner is nearing completion. We can also see the true height of the Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train

The mountain of the Mine Train will be pretty tall

The second Dumbo is fully decorated

Workers on top of Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid

The covered part is the lift hill as the train will roll out of the mountain

Work continues on turning Tigger’s Bouncy Place into something else

Some tarps now up in front of the Castle Wall construction

A second set of walls now makes for a tight passage

They are working on the back end of the Village Haus facade now

It’s still quite a mess back here

Now “it’s a small world” has tarps up

Work continues on the former Skyway site

Next-gen FASTPASS testing at the Haunted Mansion

It will be interesting to see what this looks like when they are done

They were forcing guests down the graveyard side if you weren’t using FASTPASS, but you could still bypass the interactive queue

Work continues on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Everything looks fantastic!


Package Pick-Up still behind tarps

Awesome shot of the Avengerail in action… I hope you’ve seen the movie by now…

A look at the Grand Floridian DVC construction from across the water

They’ve installed a rocky shoreline

Moving over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it looks like the Sorcerer Mickey topiary is on the move again as walls are up

Stage for Star Wars Weekends is going up

Citizens of Hollywood recently had a character shuffle. This is the “new” Mimi Kaboom

Things got heated…


I don’t think the security booths are coming back…

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  • Kirstynchyy

    I know some people complain about seeing all of the work that is being done (construction), but the only way to keep you from seeing it would be to completely shut down the area the construction is happening in. I just want people to consider that before they start complaining. As a cast member it can get obnoxious to hear people yelling at us like it’s our fault that construction is going on. Just something to throw out there.


    It is exciting to see all of the changes happening.  It makes me look forward to our next vacation even more.

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  • vert123peat

    anyone else notice the dumpster at GF that says mafia?

  • jimdisney

    Things got heated………………. congaloosh !

  • Tom Corless

    I’m not complaining, I’m happy it’s being done. I can see that being really annoying. Guests usually don’t need much reason to complain to begin with.

  • Craig Schenck

    i agree. I was there over spring break in April and the thrill of seeing just the one new dumbo spinner open—and just imagining how it will look when it is twice as magnificent—was truly exciting—Just being around all the changes that are occurring in the parks—even though it meant that some of our favorite attractions may not have been operating (or being glad that we got there just in time, literally days before they suspended operations) was all part of the fun…and knowing that the energy and the drive is still there to keep Walt’s deam and vision alive—of a partk that is never done and ever changing—I think it’s a wonderful thing.  I get to Disneyland several times a year (it’s actually cheaper to visit relatives on the west coast and spend a few days there than it is to spend a few days in Orlando–go figure–) and what amazes me is the fact that, even in the limited amount of space they have, there is always something new and surprising everytime you go—whether a major new element added to an attraction or some charming, ingenious little touch that is pure Disney magic—it is those kinds of things that we need to see in our parks—those things that only these kinds of changes can allow.  So don’t complain about the contruction— embrace the future magic and the magic carpet ride we must take to get there!