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Adam Roth’s 4/4/12 Magic Kingdom Photo Report

Posted on April 5, 2012

WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth visited the Magic Kingdom yesterday and has some newsworthy photos to share with us, so let’s take a look:

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A look from the inside

The jet-black look is pretty sweet

A beautiful day on Main Street U.S.A.

Work continues slowly on the Castle Walls in Fantasyland

Supports for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train have risen

The little details on Prince Eric’s castle are beginning to emerge

The crane is still on site

It looks like they are trying to age the building a little

Looks like the Mine Train will block the view of Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid

Shingles going on the rooftops in Belle’s Village

Work continues on removing the Tigger Bounce area from the Pooh queue

Posters line the construction walls on the way to Storybook Circus

The extended rock-work at Mermaid is still in the early stages

It looks like the Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station may be on a spinning platform like a roundhouse

Another look at the Mine Train supports

The remainder of the circus is coming along slowly

Another look at the Mermaid facade

There is a slight gap to correct…

Still a lot of walls…

Water level is a little low… and it’s a little green

The Adventureland Veranda was never so popular

A lot of guests want a Dole Whip

A reasonable line for a Sorcerers window? AMAZING!

The Sunshine Tree Terrace is out from behind tarps

The new sign, with a temporary sun on it

Well, it appears the Little Orange Bird is behind the sun…

Wow, they have food now

And the Citrus Swirl is back

I really want to try some of this stuff


MAY 4th!

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  • Drago Harley

    Thank you for putting this report together. It was excellent.  I really want to try that orange glaze chicken — that sounds so good!  I wonder if someone can report back with a word on the portions…what size a meal do you get for $8?  I like going to Panda Express, for instance.  When I get orange chicken there, it’s like $9 for a plate with rice.  Does anyone know if the portions at MK are similar to what I’d get at Panda Express?  If so, then this I think would be a good value for a theme park since $10 on lunch is what I am used to spending if I eat takeout at lunch here in the city of Chicago.  I have never tried a Citrus Swirl but I love the Dole Whip and I get it as a float because I love pineapple flavored things. 

  • jfgibson73

    I want to know if the tuna salad croissant is any good.

  • wesley69

    Currently, none of this beats the Liberty Tree Tavern. Its one of the best places to get tremendous tasting food in the Magic Kingdom.  Turkey with Stuffing, Pork Tenderloin, and Beef Brisket with mashed potatoes, various vegetable dishes, all served family style.  Eat very little salad so you can load up on this great tasting food and save room for dessert.

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  • jimdisney

    Does anyone know about the mine train ride , Is it all outside or does it go indoors ?

  • dvc1996

    According to what they announced, half of it is inside and half of it is outside. But you never know with Disney Imagineering. Just look at the whole new Fantasyland as a whole, they changed the whole thing! This is what they released: