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Josh Siegel’s 2/23/12 Magic Kingdom Photo Report

Posted on February 24, 2012

WDWNT Reporter Josh Siegel visited the Magic Kingdom yesterday and has some newsworthy photos to share with us, so let’s take a look:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The Bakery is still behind tarps

A tarp came down in the bad weather

Some lighted effects added to another Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom window

A line building for some of the windows

A new poster inside the Fire Station

A decent amount of guests waiting

The Chapeau is still behind tarps

Some new, smaller trees planted in Town Square

Chamber of commerce (package pick-up) is also still behind tarps

A temporary wheelchair ramp installed while work is being done

Another look at the new trees everyone seems to hate

I don’t see what all of the commotion is about… they’re trees…

Another look at the Chapeau/Confectionary

They fixed the fallen tarp on Center Street

Some of the facades came out from behind the tarps and look great

The Bakery tarps in the daytime

Plaza Ice Cream is still closed

Work continues on the Main Street bridge

The Dumbo building is coming along nicely

Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid coming along nicely

One of the large tents has already been covered

Some kind of wall rising, possibly for the Seven Dwarves Mine Train

The new rock-work at the edge of the Mermaid facade taking shape

Belle’s Village

The crane! The crane!

The facade of Enchanted Tales with Belle is finally getting some detail

A better look at the new covered tent

Tigger’s Bounce Area is still closed…

This may be made into a Pooh meet and greet area in the not too distant future

Plenty of trees planted in Storybook Circus

A billboard for The Barnstormer is now up, you can spot it over the Dumbo queue

Another look at Enchanted Tales with Belle

Another look towards Dumbo and Barnstormer

The days are numbered for this store

And we all know this closes May 31st now

The unveiled portion of Castle Wall looks nice

Guests being prevented from going upstairs at Pinocchio’s Village Haus

A portion of walls near the restrooms remains

This piece of wall was already revealed

A new wheelchair ramp has been installed at Peter Pan’s Flight in preparation for the new interactive queue addition once the new restrooms open

I hope we can spare a few shields to decorate this…

Work continues on the former Skyway plot

The Haunted Mansion is clearly visible

What a mess

Work continues on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

One new roof looks pretty much finished

MAdame Leota’s cart out in Liberty Square

40th anniversary shirts

I haven’t seen this out in a while, but now it’s at the cart

Some new pavement along the parade route

Some new pavement that looks like wooden planks

Work continues by the Vacation Club booth

Work was completed on the Frontierland Trading Post facade

I assume that the missing part of the sign will return soon

This facade looks brand new

Some pieces still being worked on

Sunshine Tree Terrace still behind tarps

Some signage was recently installed at the Sorcerers station in Liberty Square

Good luck Sorcerers!

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  • jimdisney

    Is there a cost for this game ? Is it a game ?

  • Tom Corless

    It is a game and it is an attraction, so it is included with park admission

  • James Craven

    Merlin’s Army?  Is this to combat Dumbledore’s Army?