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Adam Roth’s 2/13/12 Magic Kingdom Photo Report

Posted on February 15, 2012

WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth visited the Magic Kingdom on Monday to do some homework (if only we were so lucky) and he managed to take plenty of newsworthy photos to share with us in the process:

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Let’s grab a times guide

 The parade route is back to normal

Work continues on the bakery and center street facades

The bakery is open

Plaza Ice Cream still closed

Work continues on the supports in Tomorrowland


This side of the Dumbo queue is finally being painted


Scaffolding coming down on the circus tent queue area


The other Dumbo centrifuge is in place


They are working everyday to get the attraction up and running as soon as possible



Beast’s Castle



The Mermaid rock-work is being extended to hide the show building from view in Storybook Circus


Rooftops and patios are appearing on Prince Eric’s castle


A close-up of the castle



It looks great!



The artwork is back on the great wall of Fantasyland


The Castle Wall is finally showing some progress


The Seven Dwarves Mine shop lives out a stay of execution until the wall moves this direction


Walkways are still tight at the moment


This is the first time we’ve actually seen people working on the wall


We can see some detail at the top of the wall


The Fantasyland Skyway station is gones and now we have a giant pile of dirt


You can clearly see The Hauted Mansion, but this will change


Just a lot of dirt…


Work on the Peter Pan’s Flight queue continues





Walls up where the pathway will go next to the Haunted Mansion


Hard to believe this opened almost a year ago

It has grown in nicely


Some things were changed…



Some things were added as less-than-capable guests walked through…



Other things that were added


The pet cemetary is missing some pieces while the new path is worked on


Time for some Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom




Pongo looks a little angry…

Love the cards


What’s the best part about Sorcerers? Inclusion of often ignored characters


The old Fife & Drum food service location closed for decades is back in use


This is a second location where you can begin your quest

This card has been changed to remove Slinky Dog from the background. Apprently, Disney doesn’t have the rights to use him…


Frontierland Trading Post still behind tarps



The tower that the Barnstormer will now crash through looks finished


The Big Thunder Mountain refurb rolls on


Lift hill replacemtn and roof repairs being done now



Some paint has also been applied to lower level rock-work



Progress is appearing rapidly


The backside of the Be Our Guest Restaurant

A look at Fantasyland Station


Lighting fixtures installed


Hi there


Still there…


Roof is covered


The Barnstormer is just about finished




A fair amount of landscaping left to complete


The backside of the Dumbo building

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  • Adam

    don’t those people in the powerchairs just ruin everything? (photo 4)

  • Anonymous

    2nd to last photo…look to the ride side…a mickey’s toontown square sign on the lampost.

  • Anonymous

    This might be a dumb question, but has the inside of the Little Mermaid attraction already been built or in the process? Or do they complete the structure first then do the inside work?

  • Tom Corless

    The exterior is built first and then ride system and scenes are installed

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