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Sleepy Hollow Waffle Sandwich: Yay or Nay?

Posted on November 15, 2011

Our good friend Sarah who writes “Eating WDW” for WDWNT: The Magazine and has her own blog by the same name recently tried out one of the new, much discussed, waffle sandwiches at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments. Here is her review:

I had heard about Sleepy Hollow Refreshments’ menu changes via Zach of WDWNT, and I knew I had to try one of the new waffle sandwiches out. With F&W in full swing, I’d been neglecting my other parks. That all had to change yesterday! I wish Matt was with me so I could order the Ham & Prosciutto version as well, but since I was running around property like a nut that day, I had to pick one. I decided to go the more “traditional” route of chicken and waffles, hoping for some heat to the chicken.

I was in awe of the size of this beast, which was only $6.99. Talk about a great value on property!

There really wasn’t any heat to the chicken; it was definitely on the sweet side. It wasn’t overly sweet for me, so I enjoyed it. The waffle tasted like the same batter that is used for the Mickey waffles. Yes, I know the whimsy is in the shape, but these were still on point for flavor.

It was a LOT of food. I ended up just eating the chicken after a few bites. The greens were a really nice addition from a textural point, and really brightened up the sandwich overall. The slaw was quite nice as well for some crunch. I tasted it alone and liked it despite the heavy mayonnaise.

I look forward to trying the ham & prosciutto version, and the Nutella option sounds interesting as well. I’ll have to head back to MK with Matt by my side real soon!

Our thanks to Sarah for permission to use her report, and please go check out her Eating WDW blog!

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  • Rachel Kolb

    OMG, this looks delicious! This is why I shouldn’t look at food blogs half-way through the afternoon. I just get hungry.

  • Grumpy Mickey

    I will skip the waffle. Tell me they didn’t get rid of the funnel cake though!

  • Troy Brosnan

    Had this sandwich and loved it! Hope its on the menu in March when we return!!