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Disney Updates Star Tours Webpage with New Images and Story Hints

Posted on May 1, 2011

The Star Tours page on the official Walt Disney World website was updated recently with a new flash-based preview (Sorry iPhone) of the destinations we’ll be traveling to when Star Tours: The Adventures Continue opens on May 20th at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. For those of you without a flash-capable device, here’s a look at the scenarios (and C-3P0′s response to them) you can scroll through on the page:

We’re podracing on Tatooine

Underwater on Naboo

The icy tundra of Hoth

Chased by the Empire near an under-construction Death Star

Just moments before arriving at this picture, some speeder bikes with scout troopers rush by, implying we will be chased by them on Kashyyyk

We tried to grab a snapshot of the scout troopers, but they move pretty quickly

Finally, Coruscant

For those without flash capabilities, here is what you’ll see

While not newsworthy, the background of the page has two pretty cool images as well:

So, nothing earth shattering to report, but anticipation is certainly building for Star Tours: The Adventures Continue! Stay tuned as more information becomes available…

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  • n_deweerdt

    It still feels like Hoth here in Minnesota, it snowed today, May 1st, Crazy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1423272958 Alex Brueningsen

    So does this mean that these are the ONLY planets or will there be more in the possible future?