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Adam Roth’s 4/29/11 WDW Photo Report

Posted on May 1, 2011

Adam Roth visited both Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney on Friday and has plenty of newsworthy photos to share with us:

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Welcome to Hollywood

The banners are gone and the building is now grey at Star Tours

Walls still block guests from the entrance

The exit door was open and the construction crew was playing around with it

Can’t see a thing

They did replace this ramp in Tatooine Traders during the refurbishment

The entrance is closed

The old FASTPASS machines weren’t replaced, they will just be turned back on come May 20th

Work has begun on the cars 2 meet and greet near Muppetvision 3-D

Cassa Della Tires will most likely be gone

Work has also begun on the Phineas and Ferb play and greet opening May 16th

Pirates billboard up in the backlot

Figment’s outfit was recently completed in the Epcot display at One Man’s Dream

Toy Story 3 posters are still up in the queue area for the Magic of Disney Animation

Here’s another look at the Winnie-the-Pooh/Cars 2 display inside the Magic of Disney Animation

Now in production

Awfully empty in here…

The Lotso meet and greet is about to become history as Winnie-the-Pooh moves in May 16th

Adam really likes The Little Einsteins…

Adding two characters and running it backwards has not improved PIXAR Pals: Countdown to Fun

I never thought I would be so happy to see DisneyQuest…

Let the Memories Begin banners up at Downtown Disney

Work has begun on the new Harley Davidson store on the West Side, replacing LittleMissMatched  and Mickey’s Groove

A look inside reveals wreckage

The AMC Dine-In Theaters open May 16th

The effort continues to keep Pleasure Island alive until Hyperion Wharf is finished

Some new views courtesy of demolition

That’s a lot of grass

You can actually see where they are carving in a new path to wrap around Portobello and cut the walk around Raglan Road

We can never have enough photos of the new LEGO Imagination Center

Is that Dopey or E.T.?

Woody and Buzz blasting off

And of course, the coolest display EVER

So much detail

A LEGO family

This dragon is amazing from every angle…

The inside looks quite different from before

You can now buy the dragon that sits outside, in a slightly smaller form…

The new LittleMissMatched is open in the Marketplace section

What’s this?

Remember TRON?

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  • Anonymous

    Just wanted to let you know I check your site everyday for a new photo report . Always excellent . Thank you . Jimdisney

  • n_deweerdt

    I miss the old animation attraction and the Walter Cronkite and Robin Williams film on animation. sigh.