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Robert Ashburn’s 4/27/11 Epcot Photo Report

Posted on April 30, 2011

WDWNT Reporter Robert Ashburn visited Epcot on Wednesday and has quite a few newsworthy photos to share with us:

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Welcome to Epcot

Following the remodeling of MouseGear, they have new put up directional signage

A new very 80′s/90′s Epcot shirt on the left

Here’s the new shirt we showed you a few days ago

Still plenty of the older retro stuff around too

Signage points to the checkout areas now

This would be the section where Disney fans shop…

Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise has kicked the 40th anniversary merchandise out of the way

A new pair of limited edition mouse ears available

Comes with a pin that looks like Jack’s compass

The back side

Plenty of new shirts available

The TRON Vinylmation seems to be selling well

Oh look, Brazil!

Occupations now available as well

Anyone want Figment’s inside-out balls?

KACHOW! Lightning McQueen mouse ears

Graduation Duffy

The funny boxes of candy are available in most stores now

apparently the gummy candies comes from brazil...

Well, look at that… LET THE CONSPIRACY BEGIN!

The temporary Melody Gardens are still standing at Epcot between Innoventions and The Land

Have you seen African Cats yet? You should…



The British Invasion is now gone for good…

one of their drummers proposed to his new fiance...

One of the performers proposed to his girlfriend during the show

She said yes!

Even though they are leaving, another tribute band is coming in, so this merchandise still makes sense

Royal wedding merchandise all over the place

During the busy weeks, they use the American gardens theater for this…


The pizza window at Via Napoli is open for buisness

It’s the Flower and Garden Festival in this small town as well…

With the new House of good Fortune store open next door, this area in the back of the China pavilion is still closed

Let’s check out the new store

Kidcot is in here too

Over in Norway, THOR merchandise!

Giving kids a big plastic hammer to swing in the parks: priceless

Also some very fitting Vinylmation and Ear Hat sets available

Mater finally showed up a few days ago


Goodnight Epcot

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  • Brandon Struve

    That’s odd, I saw that exact same Thor merchandise at Islands of Adventure today…

  • Camila Regina Baeza

    Love this report, I will be in Orlando next week. I am from Brazil, so I am super excited about the possibility of us having our beautiful country in Epcot!

  • Michael Mckelvin

    As much Universal is “Competition”, advertising is advertising.

  • Rebecca DuBois

    Yay A113 references! I can’t wait to check out the House of Good Fortune. It looks like the sculpture for African Cats is either falling apart or getting destroyed :s

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  • CJD

    Keep the pictures coming. I love your website. I visit often and you bring me back to a happy place several times a week “Disney World”. This photo report I really like the retro EPCOT t-shirts and the new Vinylmation Viking hat.

  • n_deweerdt

    I really hope that those EPCOT Center retro shirts are still available when I go down for the 40th.

  • Alex Brueningsen

    I would assume so. They’ve been there for a few years or so.

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