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PICTURES: NEW Interactive Queue at the Haunted Mansion Open to Guests

Posted on March 14, 2011

The new interactive queue area for the Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion that we have been watching the construction of since October 2010 has finally been completed! WDWNT Reporter Taylor Martina was on the scene to bring us pictures and a first-hand report of the new elements:

The line was long, really a perfect day to open the new interactive queue

Some small trees are still up in the queue, even though the new area is open

The manager told guests they could take the quick way in or what he called “the more fun way” through the new queue

After a few switchbacks…

Guests funneled down the side…

Cast members can switch this gate open if the interactive queue is not operating

We’re going in!

These busts are still behind small trees, not ready for guests quite yet

Some of the old tombstones are peppered through the switchbacks of the new area

The band from the graveyard scene represented here

Each instrument plays Grim Grinning Ghosts when guests touch it

They are all synced up, so guests can jump in with multiple instruments half-way through a song

Guests were loving it!

The front of this tomb has the organ from the ballroom scene, and you can play it by touching it! Air even comes out of the pipes of the organ!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

What’s this?

It’s a Ravenscroft, a great nod to Thurl Ravenscroft

The other side has some more sinister instruments for guests to play…

Master Gracey has a new plot in the DEAD center of the new area

Some of the other old tombstones are up on the hill next to the new area

The Sea Captain’s tomb sprays water all over guests randomly

There is a constant mist and water spurts from the sides and top. It was warm today, so expect this to be turned off in colder weather

Bookcases reminiscent of the library scene

This book writes courtesy of the individual who wrote all of the rhyming epitaphs

A voice reads the writing as it is transcribed and then asks guests as muses to finish the rhyme by yelling out the proper final word

The page then wipes for a new one

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

You can finish this one since the photo was taken before the final word was written

The books on the opposite side of the crypt pop in and out, we are not sure if this will pertain to an activity at this time

A new door is in place for handicap guests to enter towards the back of the new queue area. Notice the references to Paul Frees, Ken Anderson, Rolly Crump, and Blaine Gibson!

It didn’t look like this was being used yet…

Stairs are probably for cast members, but we can’t be sure yet

Prudence Pock is identified as the writer on the back of the bookcase crypt

Guests were really enjoying this

The back of the Sea Captain’s crypt has portholes… am I being too optimistic in thinking these might be from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?

Here is the merge point of the two queues

The area near then entrance is still behind scrims, but you can see MAdame Leota’s tomb is still there

The old servant’s quarters hallway is being widened. This shot was taken right after the exit from the stretching room

Here is the other side by the exit, where they have already removed the old handicap entrance signage and widened the doorway. Still no word on how handicap loading will be changing yet…

Stay tuned to WDW News Today as we continue coverage of changes to the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom, including some video of the new interactive queue coming later this week!

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