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PIXAR Pals: Countdown To Fail?

Posted on January 20, 2011

The PIXAR Pals: Countdown to Fun parade debuted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Sunday, January 16th. To say that reviews of the “new” parade have been negative would be an understatement. Imagine Block Party Bash at full speed, without guest interaction, without a number of floats, with horrible choreography, and with the toy block floats repainted to look like blocky explosions, cheese, & balloons. Oh, and I almost forgot to loop one of the songs from the PIXAR Play Parade. Can you imagine it? Neither could we, but that’s what is now running at 3:00PM everyday:

Rumors are still circulating that Disney is waiting for some Play Parade floats to arrive in Florida for the Spring, and we certainly hope these rumors are true. If not, one of the shortest and worst received parades in Disney history may have you squeezing in another ride on a DHS favorite instead of waiting for a parade.

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  • http://twitter.com/Lukejd3232 Luke connolly

    This is a dissapointment. Completely embarassing. How could such an amazing parade, no show, as Block Party Bash be replaced with such completly boring uneventfull (for lack of a better word) CRAP?!?!? i am serriously dissapointed in Disney. Igerneeds to go on undercover boss or something.