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Adam Roth's 3/19/10 WDW Photo Report

Posted on March 22, 2010

WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth visited the Walt Disney World Resort on Friday, March 19th, and has a number of photos to share with us:

Adam participated in the Annual Passholder free ride-along promotion at the Richard Petty Driving Experience

Some famous stars have been out on the Walt Disney World Speedway


I’ve spent 3 years trying to figure out how to get Dan Marino on the site, and the day has finally arrived :)

Moving over to Epcot, Flower… what’s that? Could it be?

A flash of light, the TRONORAIL has arrived on the Epcot monorail line

Little know fact: Adam Roth is the Mayor of Garden Town. Here he is welcoming guests to his small village in Future World

New things are popping up at the Flower & Garden a few weeks after it began, those giant gears were recently added

Syngenta had a part in putting together the flowers for this year’s festival

The changing weather has made many of the displays look more alive than they did a few weeks ago

Work continues on the new pizzeria at the Italy pavilion

Work continues on the small store outside the China pavilion

Another blinding flash! It’s the TRONORAIL!!!!

There it goes again, will we ever catch it???

Moving over to the Magic Kingdom, this reminds me of Timon and Pumbaa’s latest Wild About Safety tip: “Don’t Climb on a Large Structure Just Because It Looks Like Pride Rock”

What’s that coming down the track?

It’s the TRONORAIL!!!

Hey, there’s a Monorail under there!

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