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WDW News Today's 1000th Post!!!

Posted on December 14, 2009

It’s hard to believe this is the 1000th story to be published on the WDW News Today website, but it also is harder to believe that we surpassed our goal set from the very beginning. This website was created on July 8th, 2007, with the sole intention of being the internet’s first daily updated Walt Disney World news site. When that dream began, it started with a post, and a post alone. There were no thoughts of podcasts, forums, online radio stations, or anything of the sort. Our idea was to post at least one Disney-related news story a day. While it may be unrealistic to think (or claim) that we have posted every single day since our inception, we have posted 1000 times in just 890 days, which I consider a great success. Instead of rambling on as I usually do on the site, I decided it would be better to turn the spotlight on our WDWNT Network staff and see what was their favorite or most memorable posts from WDW News Today have been. Here is what they picked:

WDWNT Network Technical Director Justin Heyman - The First Video of Toy Story Midway Mania

“This is what WDWNT was all about from the beginning, bringing our fans breaking news. That’s what this video did, presenting a new attraction to the world just hours after it opened for the first time.”

WDWNT Network Owner Tom Corless – The First Video of Toy Story Midway Mania

“Thinking about the most important post we have made to date, it has to be this video. The unbelievable amount of people who came to the website to see the first video of what has become my favorite attraction at Walt Disney World is still a great memory. I’m not sure if we’ll ever top it, only time will tell.”

WDW News Today Photographer and Videographer Matt Paul – Announcement of Star Tours II and Fantasyland Expansion

“These announcements are in my opinion, the biggest news in the most recent years of Disney Parks.  This was also the first time Disney Parks announced huge changes to Disney Fans in Person.  The Expo was phenomenal, and this post just about sums up the highlight of my trip!”

WDWNT Network Technical Services Jose Castillo – Epcot’s 25th Anniversary Happening

“I first entered the Disney online community around the time of Epcot’s 25th anniversary. This was a real fantastic event for me and this was the time I found out about WDW News Today. This is what changed everything for me and I’m very glad so many years later the website is stronger than ever.”

WDW News Today Editor in Chief Jason Diffendal – Spaceship Earth Refurbishment Begins

“It marked a turning point in the history of Epcot.  Looking back on it, it is a little bittersweet.  We all loved the fact that the wand was coming down, and we had much hope for the refurbishment of Spaceship Earth.  But unfortunately the reality of Judi Dench and the blackened descent disappointed all of us.”

WDW News Today Podcast Staff Member Scott Smith – The 2nd Annual Christmas Podcast Parade 2008

“I chose this because the Christmas Podcast Parade is when WDWNT proved that, without a doubt, it is something unique and special among the Disney podcast community. It immidiately became my favorite, and the self depriciating humor and intense Disney inside-jokery made me realize this is something that I wanted to be a part of. And since then, WDWNT has become a wonderful part of my life. And I owe it all to the first Christmas parade. That sounds pretty wierd, doesn’t it?”

WDW News Today Podcast Staff Member Anthony Yacullo – Fantasyland Expansion Announced

“My choice is the Fantasyland expansion post. It’s the biggest piece of news to be announced since I joined the site and podcast in March. I think it sounds absolutely amazing and I cant wait to see it in person when it is completed.”

A very special thank you to all the staff and readers who have made our journey to this point possible and so much fun. Here’s to the next 1000 posts on WDW News Today, may we continue “Bridging the Gaps Between You and the World”.

Tom Corless
Owner of the WDWNT Network

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