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VIDEO: A Look Back at “Limited Time Magic” True Love Week at the Magic Kingdom

Posted on February 18, 2013


From February 11th-17th, the Magic Kingdom hosted Limited Time Magic’s “True Love Week” in honor of Valentine’s Day. The event consisted of several photo-ops, meet and greets with Princes and Princesses, and even a surprise musical medley from the Main Street Philharmonic. We have a short video to share with you that highlights all of the festivities. Enjoy:

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  • Drago Harley

    This video was so great! I hope they do this limited time magic again next Valentine’s because I want to go to WDW next Valentine’s day.

  • John Phi Hoang

    I must share this awesome news because I can’t tell anyone at the office. I go in for my year end review and my boss asks where do I plan on doing my honeymoon (getting married this summer). I told him Disney World… he then proceeds to say, the company will grant me 4 nights at the grand floridan plus a 1 week cruise out of port canaveral…. on top of my year end bonus… so yeah… STOKED! woohoo!

  • Drago Harley

    I’m currently unemployed and have been looking for work for over a year. I really wish I had a job right now, let alone such a lavish bonus. I’m happy for you, but I hope you appreciate what you have and know that a lot of us are really struggling economically these days.

  • John Phi Hoang

    I do appreciate everything. I do hope things go better for you. As for the job, I just landed it about 8 months ago. Before then it was paycheck to paycheck and many months at a time not even having enough to get by… this went on for years. I do know struggle and I did make it on my own with no help. But I learned not to burn any bridges and being a nice guy finally paid off. Drago, I know me saying so isn’t much but keep trying and hopefully one day you’ll get the same. Hope to see you at Disneyworld one day!