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PICTURES: Walt Disney World Busses Getting a New Look

Posted on February 6, 2013

Cast Members and Guests traveling on roadways at the Walt Disney World Resort may notice a new bus in town.

bus paint

The new bus design scheme makes its debut on a Nova bus model in our bus fleet this week. The colors and design elements were developed with safety in mind and feature reflective vinyl, which improves visibility.

bus paint night

The silver and red color scheme also complements the bus drivers’ costume.


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  • KT

    Ugly…I will miss the old colorful design. :(

  • JediMark82

    I like’em. it’s a nice change.

  • Guest

    Scarlet and Gray! Go Buckeyes!!

  • Drago Harley

    Safety is the first concern and I believe that these new buses will be 100x safer than old ones because they are very reflective and have have those red stripes which make them more visible and thus safer. The old buses were too colorful and distracting. These new ones will increase safety so I am happy about that.

  • Rocky Balboa

    So the color scheme on the old buses were distracting and caused accidents? While I agree the reflective nature of the new paint scheme is an improvement, I don’t think your comment has merit. So you’re saying white buses were not visible? And that they are only safer because they are reflective?

  • Javier Garcia

    Even if the new bus color scheme saves one accident it’s enough. Maybe you haven’t been through the street that runs along downtown Disney? It is VERY dark!!!

  • Rocky Balboa

    Well I have probably visited that area more than most. I live close and yes I do know the importance of safety. Perhaps the issue should not be the paint scheme but the lighting. My point is that the reflective nature of the buses do not make the buses safer. The drivers are the problems not the buses as well as the lighting. The comment that the old paint scheme was distracting has no merit on the safety of the buses. Two completely separate issues. So if it turns that this paint scheme doesn’t prevent any more accidents does that mean it is a failure? The issues are not black and white. There are alot of factors in addition to the paint scheme that you need to consider.

  • Alex Brueningsen

    I like this new retro-style color scheme. A nice change to the old look plus the idea of the reflective vinyl is a wonderful idea. The old style will be missed but this is a good replacement.

  • Tori

    Disney is suppose to be a happy place. This bus doesn’t look happy. I know your going for the “Into the future” look. But you’re slowly losing the “Where Dreams Come True” look.

  • John Phi Hoang

    I’m sure a fortune 500 company like Disney has done it’s research to make sure reflective decals on a bus will make it safer… no never mind, they just think its pretty.

  • Brian

    Agreed. This is approaching emergency vehicle.

  • Jonny

    Why does a Fortune 500 company still operate that 1999 bus, while my poor ass public transit operates a fleet of 2012s ?
    On the topic of the year 1999, that is where this paint scheme belongs! this is very outdated! The simple white bus with “disney” on it was a much more modern appearance.