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From Pirates, to Princesses, to Cars, Guest “MagicBands” Will Be Fully Customizable

Posted on January 7, 2013


Disney released a few MagicBand press pictures not too long ago, and if you look closely, you can see guests using bands of various designs and colors


If you look really closely, you can even see one child has a Pirates of the Caribbean themed MagicBand

This is really just the beginning of the customization options for MagicBand, as there will be bands representing characters such as the Fab 5, Disney Princesses, and PIXAR characters, just to name a few. There are even rumors that companies like Dooney & Burke and Swarovski will produce upscale vanity bands that guests can buy as well. If a wristband isn’t your thing, Disney plans on creating watches, keychains, and various jewelry that can also serve as your MagicBand.

Resort guests and Annual Passholders will be the only guests receiving bands complimentary at first, with all other guests using new RFID tickets at launch of MyMagic+. All guest can then customize or buy vanity bands at their leisure. Eventually the plan is for all guests to get bands instead of tickets.

So, what do you think of MagicBand?

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  • barbara huddleson

    I would think they will be hot in the summer…and its kinda like being scanned at the store…not sure about this idea

  • Bwo

    This has a high coolness potential. It would be great if the RFID jewelry were re-programmable so you could buy your vanity band (watch) once, then reuse it each year. Like the current gift cards.

  • krissy murphy

    I am worried about them getting lost.

  • Drago Harley

    I am concerned about people trying to steal your band. What if one is lost? Can someone go room to room trying to open doors until they can open your door and rob you at the hotel? Scary.

  • John Garland

    what are the odds of someone stealing your band and correctly guessing what hotel your staying at and also what room. By the time you notice your band is gone. Most likely you can get a new one and they will probably deactivate the old one.. sooo No worries

  • Buffalo Jason

    Does anyone know when this is starting? I’m wondering if we’ll have “MagicBands” when I check into the Poly next month. Seems much more convenient (and less likely to get lost) than tickets / room keys.

  • alamode123

    Even better if they worked with Disney Cruise lines as well. It would really improve theie check in system, which right now is a series of infinite lines.

  • dvcdismom3

    I agree! My kids will love them for about an hour, and when they get hot and sticky will complain the rest of the trip. I will not be able to wear them at all, since my I have an allergic reaction to plastic on my skin :(

  • Jennifer Hanke Holt

    I love the idea of a Disney Dooney vanity band! I especially like that we will be able to book fast-passes without running through crowds to get to the machines!

  • janel brockton

    it has already started. you will more than liekly get a band when you stay.

  • musikislyfe23

    Not to mention the same is possible today if you lose your Key to the World Card…In theory someone could just go checking doors till they find the right one with a key, card, band, watch or any lock opening device ….

  • musikislyfe23

    Annnnndddddd. Its probably easier to lose a card than it is a wristband that’s attached to you