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Starbucks Comes to Walt Disney World in 2013 with Magic Kingdom and Epcot Locations

Posted on November 9, 2012

As we speculated, the Main Street Bakery at the Magic Kingdom and Fountain View at Epcot will become Starbucks locations in 2013.

The Main Street Bakery will close in January and re-open as a Starbucks location in early-summer 2013. Fountain View will close in March and re-open midsummer.

Both locations will be themed to the existing environment. At Main Street bakery, cast members will wear a costume consistent with the early 20th century look and feel of Main Street U.S.A. At Fountain View in Epcot, the new Starbucks location and cast member costumes will be designed to match the park’s futuristic theme.

The two locations will both offer the full complement of Starbucks signature beverages, artisan breakfast sandwiches and a wide selection of baked goods, including muffins, scones and specialty treats.

Stay tuned for more on this story as it becomes available.

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  • Dave

    What’s next? McDonald’s in Magic Kingdom? Oh wait. They did that before. Maybe a car dealership or a Walmart to replace Tomorrowland. As much as I will like having “real” coffee in the park, I like the escape from the real world when I’m there even better. Don’t they get that? Does it really need to replace the bakery? Can’t they just serve it there and have some modest signage? It’s all about the money and beating last year’s earnings.

  • Drew

    Sad Sad Days one more place to not stop by anymore!!

  • Danielle Amy Cox

    I am not happy about this at all!! Fine put it in Epcot, but Magic Kingdom needs to be left alone. I really wish they weren’t doing this.

  • JediMark82

    Why? Why are you people upset? This is a GOOD thing, no more crap coffee!! This is a good thing it’s not like it’s gonna change the physical face of the parks. It’s two shops and the costumes will be themed to the area they’re in. It won’t stick out like a sore thumb.I say thank you disney! Thank you!!

  • facebook-9506131

    If it’s replacing the bakery it means no more WDW baked goods! Just generic starbucks baked goods. What’s gonna happen to the cookies for the ice cream cookie sandwiches??

  • vert123peat

    Why not just simply offer Starbucks coffee in the existing main street bakery and put a tasteful, discrete logo out front. Why does the whole thing need to be a “Starbucks location.”

  • Will Melton

    Can’t speak for everyone, but it just feels a tad less… magical, I guess. It’s not like Disney doesn’t traditionally have outside companies in the parks… obviously Epcot is (was) practically based on sponsorship. I have no problem with Starbucks inside the park. But any time you replace a one-of-a-kind location… especially one that has potentially formulated thousands of memories (I know I have wonderful memories of eating cheesecake with my mother that are instantly brought on by the smell of the Main Street Bakery) with a chain store, it’s a little bit upsetting. I think you’re wrong about it not changing the face of the parks. That is exactly what it is doing. Regardless of how well themed, they’re physically converting one thing into another. Is it worth breaking out the pitchforks for? Probably not. But I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be sad that something I am fond of that only exists in one place in the entire world is going away to make room for something I can find on every fifth street corner in any given city.

  • Gina Cavalli

    What about the rice krispie treats – come on MK should be pure disney

  • Kathleen Cameron

    Well, here’s one who WON’T be buying. I don’t like Starbucks coffee – it’s way too weak for me – so I’ll be avoiding this place. A real shame as I adore the bakery as it presently is.

  • Alex Brueningsen

    I’m not much of a coffee drinker, in fact, I don’t drink it at all. However, I’m on the fence about this one. It works with Epcot because the entire park is filled with different sponsors. But changing the entire place to a Starbucks restaurant seems unnecessary. If they just had a booth inside of the place specifically for Starbucks, I wouldn’t have a problem. But the entire thing? Seems a bit over-the-top if you ask me. It takes away from the magic that is WDW.

  • Rockster

    I hope this doesn’t mean that Starbucks crappy coffee is going to replace all the coffee in the restaurants around WDW. Not all of us out here like that overpriced, tastes like muddy water, fuel oil.

  • Mike Kelliher

    boo! like others have said, I don’t come to WDW for a cup of joe… prefer the
    bakery as is

  • Alesha McGhee Laughlin

    This is very upsetting!!!! Where are we going to get MK bake goods and candy??? I love the Main street Bakery!! Im not happy with this at all. Why not set up something out sie of the gate for guest that like this coffee, dont take away the Main street bakery. What would Walt Disney think if he was alive???? I dont think he would approve!

  • Shana Powers Godby

    I want to cry. Feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach.

  • ned

    you can still get the cinnamon buns at Gaston’s Tavern in the new Fantasyland and the ice cream cookie
    sandwiches at the plaza pavilion.

  • Nadia

    Why replace the Bakery? Definitely not! Bakery is the best, always…

  • Heath

    Very disappointing. Walt Disney dream built a ferry or monorail lagoon entrance, a train or “parting of the curtains” to transport one into a fantasy world free of reality and trite commercialism. So what do current leaders do: put one of the most redundant and explicable commercial part of fast-paced reality right on Main Street USA. It’s defilement. It’s pathetic.