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Adam Roth’s 10/12-14/12 WDW Photo Report

Posted on October 15, 2012

WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth has been all over the Disney Parks this weekend. Here are some assorted photos (that don’t include his 400 from New Fantasyland) he took at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom shirts available at Sir Mickey’s

Work continues on the restrooms going in at the old Skyway site

Yankee Trader still behind tarps


Rock-work appearing

FastPass Plus still installed at Haunted Mansion

The Magic Kingdom is getting ready for RFID park entry

We believe that the purpose of the steel truss at the park entrance is a test for a new possible exit

Cast members have been routing guests leaving the park through wider gates in the center and counting off the guests exiting

A weird test, but they want to see if it allows better guest flow

The Grand Floridian DVC wing off in the distance

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The Magic Kingdom parking entrance has been completely repainted

Looks nice, but the letters are still missing

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Moving to Epcot, FastPass Plus installed at Turtle Talk with Crush

FastPass Plus installed for Seas with Nemo and Friends ride

Hops and Barley got a sign to help guests find it

It’s hidden in the back of the American Adventure

Disney Parks wine is celebrating 1 year

Work continues on Test Track


We can start to make out changes in the facade

A circular shape is starting to jut out from the existing facade


Looks like new banners are about to be hung up on the canopy

Here’s what is left of the Epcot 30th anniversary merchandise

Some work going on in Innoventions central

I don’t think they are taking down the canopy

It doesn’t reach The Electric Umbrella

Kim Possible was here…

Habit Heroes is still closed

FastPass Plus installed at Spaceship Earth

Seems like overkill for a merge point

We end with the friendliest buildings on earth… they share a door…

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  • DadLogic

    Just a theory, but I wonder if the structure at the main entrance is a test of a new security system. At the SuperBowl, they set up cameras to scan faces as people enter and flag any potential threats:

    If they don’t already have something like this in place at the Disney parks, it makes sense for them to add it considering the number of visitors, both domestic and international, who visit the parks every year.

  • Chris Currie

    My guess is it is more for people counting than security. The white rectangular box on the left side is whats called a precision stereo camera and is dedicated to people counting. The second device in from the left is an Axis Dome camera, third device in is an outdoor laser measurement device from SICK AG, another Axis Dome camera and then another box style camera.
    The two dome cameras are likely used for verifying the data from the precision stereo camera and the laser management device. The box style camera could possibly be used to test people counting analytic’s in a Video Management System.

  • DadLogic

    After reading some reports on other sites, I think you’re right about this just being a people counting measure. If they switch to an all RFID ticket system, they will be able to remove the traditional turnstile system and use this new method instead. It will also be a nice way to open the floodgates in the evening when large groups try to exit after a parade (and typically would back up the turnstiles).