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Adam Roth’s 10/7/12 WDW Photo Report

Posted on October 10, 2012

WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth visited Epcot and the Magic Kingdom on Sunday and has a TON of newsworthy photos to share with us, so let’s take a look:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Great chocolate art at the Festival Center at Epcot

It’s dark, but nice to see them use more of the pavilion space

Work continues on Test Track as we race towards December 6th

The IBM Runtime game is now closed inside Innoventions, it opened back in 2008

Rumor is that IBM Smarter Planet is getting some updates

I hope so because it wasn’t really working…

The seating area that was formerly Rockin’ Robots is now walled off as well

Some scaffolding inside

Still nothing going on at the former Segway Central

Habit Heroes is still closed…

The Epcot 30th display remains at MouseGear

What remains of the merchandise is on display

A lot of generic Epcot merchandise has filled in some space

Moving to the Magic Kingdom, the Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train construction is picking up

An Orioles hat… how cute… ;)

Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid

The now completed Storybook Circus

I love these seats…

That is some fancy lighting for an outside tent…

Let’s go to Pete’s Silly Sideshow!

The calliope is from Disneyland PAris’ Main Street U.S.A.

Reference to a classic Disney animated film by the same name

Into Pete’s mouth!

Meeting Minnie and Daisy

The theming is insane… the walls are labeled for easy construction, insinuating that the Circus moves from town to town

Goofy and Donald

A look up at the ceiling

It’s a tent



Minnie trains trick Poodles…

It looks much better when Adam doesn’t use the world’s brightest flash…



Daisy will see you now!

Looks very “Museum of the Weird” like the Madame Leota cart


Into Big Top Souvenirs

Very fitting that they sell Popcorns Vinylmation here

Everyone loves this carpet!

The “Under the Big Top” series is also available

My favorite display

A close second is the Penguins cage holding the cold drinks

The strange tiny MousekeEars are also available here

A look at the new food carts in the area

I’m in love with a food cart…

Usual cart food though

So much time and energy spent on such little details

I love the striped curtain for when they are closed

Let’s go back in

Those random doors look themed…



He crashed his motorcycle

Donald is a snake charmer


Could have been a sign, but it is a material banner

I wonder if someone could go in that booth…

I hate to say this so soon, but I love Storybook Circus. It is simply 2 small rides, meet and greets, and shopping, but it is so well done. Kudos to Disney on delivering with a land that was rushed in as a replacement in the expansion.

If Storybook Circus is that cool, I can’t wait to see this…

Another new cart near the entrance

Not listed, but they have roasted almonds too

Another look at Mine Train

A look at what will be Princess Fairytale Hall

The former Skyway site which will now be restrooms and maybe something more…

They are still working on Village Haus

Another piece of track should be lowered into place shortly

FastPass+ equipment was simply covered after the tests ended, so it might just be permanent now

Cool popcorn bucket, but it must be pretty easy to spill…

Going back to Epcot, we take a look at Test Track through a rainy monorail window

Well, that was neat… I guess…

Adam got to stuff his face at the Disney Dessert Discovery event as part of the Food and Wine Festival

So much to eat and drink

Live entertainment


IN 3D!


Fruit? We didn’t come to a dessert event for fruit!

We came for flaming doughnuts!


Thank you for the flaming doughnuts! Oh, and all these photos Adam…

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