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Justin “The Mayor” Heyman’s 9/19 – 9/26 Photo Report

Posted on September 29, 2012

While Tom and the rest of our cast are down at WDW Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Epcot, I have just returned from a trip and bring you a rare Mayor’s Photo Report! Beware this report contains photos from inside Enchanted Tales with Belle! I also have brought you back some video from inside the attraction which we will be posting soon so stay tuned!

Rock work near carpets queue
Some of the rock work in the queue of the Magic Carpets is getting some work done

Rainy Day Cavlacade
The Rainy Day Cavalcade was out due to some rain earlier in the day

Drizella and Anastasia aren’t thrilled about the rain either

A Trio of Cranes now looms over the Magic Kingdom

Be Warned Enchanted Tales Spoilers Lay Ahead!

Enterance Area
As you enter the area behind the walls you see a expertly themed entrance to Maurice’s Cottage

Cottage light Posts
Cottage Light posts

Eric's Castle
Looking out from just outside the front door you can see the gargoyle lamp posts that line the entrance to Be Our Guest and in the distance Prince Eric’s Castle

More of the Cottage

Be Our Guest
Be Our Guest!

Be Our Guest Sign
Signage for the Restaurant

Be Our Guest
A close up of the entrance to be our guest

Maurices Water Wheel
Maurice’s water wheel not turned on yet

Belle and her Mother
Picture inside the cottage of Belle and her Mother inside the first room of the cottage

Details inside the cottage
This room is loaded with tiny details

Thanks to my wife for playing photographer but she forgot to hide in this picture!

more details
More details in the first room

A book Belle has left out

Favorite Book
Clearly a favorite of Belle’s

Moving into the workshop we see different items including this curious gift from the Beast to Maurice

Other Items in the workshop

Soon we will have full video from this experience but here are a few shots from inside the attraction after the pre-show casting room with the wardrobe and I was lucky enough to get a unique view of the show!

Is that a guard or our own Mayor?

Lumiere and Belle
Belle and the FANTASTIC Lumiere who plays host to us in the Castle

Belle finding her “father” locked in the dungeon

Pictures don’t do this justice

Before we move over to Animal Kingdom (Yes there is news in that park too) Let me just say how great this small attraction is.If WDI continues to put this much work and effort into everything they do we are all in for a lot of high quality fantastic attractions! The story is there, the kids (and adults) love it and the special effects are amazing.

Live DJ at DAK
Near the Local Foods Cafe (Yak and Yeti counter service) Anandapur Travel and Tourism was presenting Bhangra Dance Party with a Live DJ

Beastly Bazaar Closed
Beastly Bazaar is closed

Temp Sign
Though the signs say that this is only temporary we know that this is making way for a new Meet and Greet location

The queue at It’s Tough to Be a Bug is completely covered by the new netting though I don’t think it takes away much

Walls and Netting
Area’s that haven’t been covered by the netting are walled off

Up meet and greet
Wilderness Explorers Meet and Greet near the old bug fastpass machines

Rockwork at dinoland
Rockwork near the entrance to Dinoland is getting a refresh

Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading!

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